Maddie Briann, Jamie Lynn Spears Visit Aunt Britney!

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Maddie Briann, meet your l'il cussins, y'all!!

Jamie Lynn Spears brought two-month-old daughter Maddie to L.A. on Wednesday for the little girl's first ever play date with Britney Spears' two sons.

Bang a Gong, Get it On

The 17-year-old flew from Louisiana – along with her baby and her mom Lynne Spears (whose latest money-making scam memoir comes out next week).

The family headed to Britney's Studio City house, where the recovering pop singer was enjoying a regular visitation day with her two boys.

Sean Preston turns three Sunday, while Jayden James turns two today!

In other happy news, Britney’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, came to pick up his sons himself, and stayed for about an hour to take part in the reunion.


Wait a second, are all those 3 successive "Josephine" comments posted by the same person? I think so. They are all posted minutes after one another and share the same lack of punctuation. Josephine, you are such a hypocrite.


Jamie Lynn, ur gonna be a great mom. Maddie is so CUTE!!!


Jamie and Maddie look so cute..... Maddie is so........adorable. i love her 2 death


i think u are a great teen mom don't have to have a boyfriend or get married to keep your baby thats why u have a great sis and mom to help u u don't have to have a cheater boyfriend just think about your baby girl and her future


im a teen mom and im a good mom and so you will be too


she's too adorable :)
she'll be a great mom


wow! that was so cute but i also hurd that your boy toy wants the baby well you get him hard and don't let him have that baby. if so true that he does. tell your sister britney
don't let people get to her thanks for showing your baby off it was so cute.


Any news from Kelli Dawson, Andrea Revels and Whitney Seals???


Good luck with the new baby


i think maddie is so stupid and she is going to be fat when she grow up

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