Through the ($h!t) Storm: Lynne Spears' Memoir Set to Cash in On Scandalous Britney Spears Gossip

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For what was billed as an evangelical book about "parenting," Lynne Spears' widely-ridiculed much-anticipated memoir - Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World - is chock full of tawdry tales.

The New York Daily News reviewed a copy and shared some juicy tidbits:

  • Britney Spears took a liking to booze when she was just a 13-year-old Mouseketeer, then began experimenting with drugs at 15.
  • By 16, Britney's drug-fueled behavior stunned her family when the wild one was caught with coke and marijuana on a private jet.

  • Lynne Spears knew about, yet openly allowed 16-year-old Britney to sleep with boyfriend Justin Timberlake, her Mickey Mouse Club co-star.
  • Timberlake was misled about Brit's purity, as she had lost her virginity to a Kentwood, La., high school football player (Reg Jones) at 14.
  • As Spears' career began to take off, the All-American mom went along with the hoax that Britney was a virgin to boost her image.

Man, way to throw your daughter under the bus right as she's getting her train wreck life back together, Lynne Spears. Good to see you'd rather try to get rich than do what's best for Britney just once. Enjoy the weather where you're going, sellout.

As we said when we first learned about Through the Storm, we don't think the title and cover do it justice. Here are our proposed versions ...

Other quality titles conjured up by our interns, such as Milking the Ever-Loving Crap Out of Your Poor Kids, were rejected for not being catchy enough.


Why buy the book if you get the "juicy parts" in here? And please, can we not be so American and stop relating everything with God and Jesus? To the poster before me; being Muslim is just as wicked as being a Christian...
but, no-one´s judging: let´s be tolerant to religion! However, the tolerance ends when religion is not something personal anymore, but something you HAVE TO relate to everything and express everywhere! Back to the topic: I believe she cares for her kids like every mom... there might be some economical interest, but how can we know?


I don't believe that she wrote the truth. She just tried to make the book more interesting and catchy by entering false information. But I don't think the book will be any interesting for people, it would be waste of money to buy it. She is just after money, if she was a good parent she would just take care of her daughters instead of writing a book. It is the fake book of the fake mother.


Britney's mum is so self centred that she is using her children to get rich .....


I cant believe people are calling Lynn smart lol stupidest thing i have ever heard in my life, no amount of money in the world could get me to do that to my children. Lynn is a user & a manipulaiter. She is so self absorbed in money that she keeps wanting more, where as a real caring mother is absored in their childs welfare & love. She does not love her children & that is clear as crystal. For you people who say Lynn is smart & only doing it for brit, your NUTS & need a rude awakening as Jess above said " What if this happened to you?", How angry would you be, I know my children would never talk to me again if i done it to them, but i guess that would never happen because we have morals & respect & love. Its brits managers job to get her publicity not the mothers and what a sad way to get it.


What a terrible mother! all you people defending her are mentally retarded.. Know child deserves this kind of thing written about them for the whole world to read. if brit wanted this stuff out she would do it herself. Imagen if your mother wrote a book about you & how you lie & slut around, would you still think the same? i think not! clearly you people are uneducated & have no family morals! you were probably brought up as hillbillies whose family shame them out at the pub every night so your used to be shamed! get brains you twats!


Woooow. Britney is starting to get back on track and her mom openly tells everyone family secrets to destroy her! All parents care about these days is MONEY. Two celeb parents I detest: Lynne Spears, Joe Simpson.


Today If i want to help Britney
I buy britney items or britney music In my point of view it s what it is happening Britney is more famous
Britney is more rich the morality : nothing
BRItney escape from her responsabilities Madonna Kyly etc ...;;;;;;;;;;;; all the show biz the world want to help Britney She will be more famous and more rich
Thanks for mum Lynn


she is rich her business is succesfull true or not true the business is good Lynn is very calculate and clever like she done it with the virginiti to boost britney carear today she bust britney with unwanted arab sam lutfi Lynn INTROCDUCED sam lutfi LAST OCTOBRE to britney before saying he druged mm daughter WHO TODAY DON T WANT TO HELP BRITNEY FROM DEVEL HANDS


stup!d stupid mother shes awful...


Oh dear how sad.
I totally agree with lizz - once britney seems to be getting back on the right track she does something so awful. I mean what self respecting parent would trade in their kids and air their dirty laundry just to earn some money. How terrible. How about if Lynne's mother wrote a book about her, how would she feel. I hope Britney shuts her out of her life. We should all protest and burn the books or something...

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