Lynne Spears Hates Bristol Palin

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No, not personally - but Lynne Spears is miffed that people vilified pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears, then praised the knocked up Bristol Palin.

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    Are you kidding? Lynn Spears had the audacity to write a "parenting book" while her two girls set questionable examples (Britney's head shaving, breakdowns, and non-court appearances), and Jamie Lynn's claim to be a "Virgin, till married" to keep her reputation crystal clean! Gimme a B R E A K! Sarah Palin, admitted her daughter's situation, while not condoned, professed to be supportive. Good, God Lynn, get over yourself and your self-absorbed offspring!


    Maybe we should elect Mrs. Spears as VP...she's probably traveled more than Mrs. Palin.


    lynn may be bad, but atleast she doesnt shoot wolves from helicopters


    sarah palin is an idiot, period.


    So what if Bristol was never a role model on nickelodean like Jamie was. That is no excuse for the massive hypocrisy some show when it comes to them. Jamie Lynn may be a role model but it's not her job to parent her fans. Their parents should be teaching them about sex not leaving it to a celeb.


    I think people just want to critisize jamie because of her families background I honestly think is wrong all teen pregnancies are different. I had my son at 15 and was judge strongly by doctors and teachers and think is unfair how one teen pregnancy is considered ok and the other bad they both are going thru the same thing and everyone needs to leave Jamie ALONE!!! She hasn't done anything wrong and she wasn't advertising teen pregnancy! I honestly think she is doing a great job and setting an exsample for all the teen moms out there!!


    you people can stop bashing lynn spears. her book is amazing and its wonderful that she had the nerve to write all that. everybody is more sympathetic to bristol because she was not on national tv. well let me say this, jamie lynn spears is a normal teenager, when she got pregnant to me she was just a normal young lady. she will never be the last teenager to get pregnant. so she was an actress, they had not right to bash her the way they did. the stuff that she has been through is awful. you guys need to seriously get a new hobby instead of bashing the spears sisters.

    get a life

    jamie lynn spears biggest fan and supporter

    look me up on myspace


    I think that people are more sympathetic as Bristol is way worse off.
    did you see her boyfriends myspace? yeah he's real responsible. derrrr

    jamie lynne is doing a good job.
    look at her parenting compared to britney.


    I believe a LOT more people hate Lynne.
    Maybe her book's not doing so well, just like her family.


    bristol palin was never a role model on nickelodean

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