Lindsay Lohan Speaks on Bristol Palin, Sex Education

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Leave Bristol Palin alone, Lindsay Lohan says!

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    Er I'm replying to Lindsay's other comments against Palin. Ignore the first one because Lindsay then trashed Sarah three days ago.


    Lindsay is sexist against Palin. She siad nothing of value. She didn't present her view points in good light. If she is lesbian then that's her thing. Most of us aren't worried about who is lesbian or not. We want Sarah because she is a nice woman. Liberals had a chance to have Hillary. Don't be bitter now she lost. You knew Obama wasn't putting her on the ticket.

    Heh. Nobody cares about Lindsay anyways.


    Linsey Lohan? Does anyone take this girl seriously? if you do, you are completely detached from reality. Who the frik cares what this idiot says. She is a hollywood liberal and like the majority of her comrads, is completely disconnected with the core of America.


    I am 48 yrs old. Sex Ed has been taught in schools for nearly 30 years now. What makes anyone think that teens a going to stop messing around? I think the openness of sex on a daily basis(TV, internet and other media outlets) might be part of the problem. It used to be a time when suggestive TV shows were not on till 10 pm. Most sit-coms and dramas are simply about who is boinking who and they come on a 8 pm. And we all know sex sells! Teaching children earlier in life might actually backfire. Some studies suggest the "Just Say No" anti-drug campaign may have, in some cases, made teens a little more curious. I don't believe teaching sex ed in k thru 5th grade is worth the time and money. But then again even having three kids I am no expert. i wish kids came with instructions.


    really funny when she wrote this, she's still clubbing. but maybe this is her others side Good comment !!


    Lindsay Lohan's comments against Sarah Palin are sexist and the women of this country will not put up with it. Stop being sexist, Lindsay.


    Lindsay just needs to go the clubs with her girlfriend or go shopping on rodeo dr., she's dumb as a bag of rocks.


    brava. love it, a celeb with thoughtful insight who isnt afraid to express herself. in my opinion this is exactly what we need more of in this country more open & honest diologue..from everyone : kids/parents on up to politicians/people with influence. love u linds!


    I am impressed by Lohan's intellegent and thoughtful comments. I am still a republican but I agree with lindsay this one time. I think the fact that Sarah is very conservative and Mccain is a maverick makes them a great combo. Keep up the intelligent conversation though Lindsay!


    For a humorous take on Palin’s pregnancy pickle check out this video.

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