Levi Johnston & Bristol Palin Hold Hands, Watch Sarah

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The embattled Levi Johnston cleans up nice - and while he hasn't married Bristol Palin yet, he's already got a tattoo of her name inked on his ring finger!

Their hands were never un-clasped as they watched her mom, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, deliver a standout speech at the Republican National Convention.

The Palins have been under the gun ever since she was chosen as John McCain's running mate last Friday, but Sarah responded in kind Wednesday night.

Check out Levi Johnston's "Bristol" tattoo ...

Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin Tattoo

Since Sarah Palin and her family have been the subject of negative rumors and gossip ever since she became the Republican nominee for Vice President, it was interesting to watch her actually talk about politics! What a concept.

Follow the jump for Sarah Palin's speech ...


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hi guys im new this site!!! they look great together especially the two hands how sweet...peace!!!!!


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Just one more glaring endorsement that Abstinence-Only Sex Education does NOT work! Maybe being forced into the glaring media attention will actually help us who believe in thoughtful, thorough, and realistic sex education for America's kids. Keep religion out of the federal government and out of our classrooms. Religion is fine .. in church.


Yes, Bristol is a little bitch . Lick and suck was not enough