Kim Kardashian Tries, Fails to Bring Sexy Back

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"It's time to bring sexy back."

- Kim Kardashian on last night's Dancing with the Stars, promising a seductive Rumba

Close Up of Kim Kardashian

Here's the problem with Kim Kardashian on Dancing with the Stars this season: the giant-breasted reality star is trying too hard to make herself over for a mainstream audience.

Prior to performing the Rumba with Mark Ballas last night, Kim complained about how she loved her partner "like a brother... [so] it's gonna be really hard to amp up that sexual chemistry on the dance floor."

The tandem proceded to bring Robin Antin - founder of The Pussycat Dolls - on board to assist Kardashian with her sexiness during the routine.

Excuse us?!? Kim Kardashian, the same woman that took it from behind in her sex tape with Ray J and has posed nude in Playboy, needs help acting sexy? We don't buy it for a nanosecond.

As a result of this confused behavior, Kardashian and Ballas earned a measly 17 combined points from the judges last night. Here's a look at their routine:


Kim, you're a terrible actress.

Stop pretending as though shaking your hips and grinding your crotch comes unnaturally. These are your best talents. Use them.


ok ok ..jeez anger iuesss by chance? and wats with all ur cussin and crap? tryin to be cool? yeah well its not workin so plz just stop.


It's been a while since I was last on this site, but I ran across a statement saying I suck!!! I would like to say to GETOVERYOURSELF that don't be hater (all your life). Kim Kardashian is a very beautiful woman and you can only dream about being any where near Miss K's company!!! If Kim swallows on camera, then you must be watching!!!!! What Miss K does with her boyfriend (which was done in confidence) is only a point made that Kim pleases her man to the fullest!!!! GETOVERYOURSELF..should GET A LIFE!!!!!!!


To Clarence Striplin....u swallows...on camera.


To Kim Kardashian...don't worry about the judges on the TV. You look beautiful and sexy and I'm sure with you looks alone you will be moving on to the next round!!!!! Keep on looking fantastic!!! Some times I don't even care how you dance, I just want to look at a beautiful, sexy woman...YOU!


agreed. In fact, to date that seems to be her ONLY talent

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