Justin Gaston: Still Hot, Still Wearing Underwear

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Now that he's likely dating Miley Cyrus, Justin Gaston should expect plenty of attention from entertainment news outlets.

And because his past is filled with nearly naked, drool-inducing photos, Gaston should also expect to see a lot of himself in underwear over the next few days. It's a tough job posting these scantily-clad pics of such a stud muffin, but we have to do it.

Miley, Justin and Tish

Take a close look at this Justin Gaston photo. What sticks - or bulges - out about the model? No wonder Miley Cyrus is dating him.

Sorry for forcing such pecs and six packs on you, guys. Go ogle Megan Fox nude images for a bit, while we give the ladies a few more Gaston thumbnails to click on. Enjoy!

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He's soooooooo HOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!
I just want to eat him.......


o how id like 2 ride that thing


as hot as he is, nick jonas is so much better.... she really screwed that relationship up.


very hooot hot hot hot, oh g!