Justin Gaston + Miley Cyrus = ???

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It's more than just a celebrity gossip rumor at this point:

Miley Cyrus is totally dating Justin Gaston.

While we're happy for this new couple, we're having trouble coming up with a nickname for the 15-year old actress and her 20-year old beau. This is where our loyal readers come in.

What nickname would you give Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston?


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I think hes doing it for the publicity..its not going that far (sex) yet.


Jiley sounds better! Even though i think the guy's a sleaze, if she likes him, then she should go for it...BTW they DO look cute together! Good Luck!!


cradle robberrrr!!!!!!


I think that he is a child molester.He is way to old for a teenage.


the guys too cute for her...;p


wat about 'mistin'


Miley is too good for him. By the way, why can't the guy find someone his own age?


I think they're really cute together.