Jordin Sparks is Pro Purity, Anti Sluts

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Sorry, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. You don't have a friend in Jordin Sparks.

At last night's MTV Music Awards, the former American Idol champion stood proudly for virgins everywhere.

She took exception to host Russel Brand's joke that The Jonas Brothers ought to ditch their purity rings in exchange for some serious action between the sheets. Prior to introducing T.I. for a performance, Sparks said to the crowd:

"I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut."

Bold, admirable words from the teenager. Do you agree with them?


You can just tell that she's very young in that statement. I think she's a sweet girl really and I don't think she put alot of thought into that statement which in a nutshell called anybody who does not wear a purity ring a slut. Hopefully for her sake, she's not really that judgemental.


I totally disagree with her! I think you should be allowed to do it whenever you feel ready and are trusted to be responsible. But I do agree with the laws. That's just plain judgemental that she is practically all people who don't wear purity rings sluts!!


"Sorry, Bristol Palin ...." A terrible thing to call a 17 year old pregnant child trying to do the right thing by keeping her child, a slut, when you make your living/notoriety being attention whores? How can you refer to two young women as sluts, and then speak as though you agree with Jordin's standards? Adults in the media going after children on one account... and yet you're the first to show them in their skimpy clothing, or looking odler than their years, etc. You, gossip mongres and the Hollywood wanna-be hanger's, the fluff floating above the heads of the space cadet starlets and self-indulgent personas, are judging the wrong people.


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It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody - guy or girl - wants to be a slut.

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