Jordin Sparks is Pro Purity, Anti Sluts

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Sorry, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. You don't have a friend in Jordin Sparks.

At last night's MTV Music Awards, the former American Idol champion stood proudly for virgins everywhere.

She took exception to host Russel Brand's joke that The Jonas Brothers ought to ditch their purity rings in exchange for some serious action between the sheets. Prior to introducing T.I. for a performance, Sparks said to the crowd:

"I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut."

Bold, admirable words from the teenager. Do you agree with them?


WOW,BRIANNA,REALLY LOVE THOSE STRONG WORDS.Yeah,one doesn't have to be religious to know what's right from wrong.Sex,leads to so many other things,mostly wrong.yeah,you just take an inner look @ it.I believe,in what's right.4 e.g,you could be in your relationship with no need for sex.Believe me you might think it's something impossible,but I tell you it's very possible.Just look @ yourself in the mirror and say,yeah,I'll have it the right way.oh boy!!,I tell it'll be beautiful,no sweats nor regrets.


i know this is a really old post but whatever,
"I just have one thing to say about promise rings. It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody – guy or girl – wants to be a slut." what the hell? She's implying that if you decide not to wear a promise ring, then you are a slut. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing one, if it is right for you. If it is, then great. But it's not for everyone. I'm not promoting promiscuity because that is wrong in my opinion, but sex, as long as it is done for the right reasons, is nothing. There is nothing wrong with sex, and having it before marriage doesn't make you a slut. Take 2 22 year old for example. They're in love with each other, but aren't quite ready for marriage. They're both consenting adults in love, but having sex is wrong. Jordin Sparks made a rude comment.


saying that a person who is not wearing a promise ring is a slut was really stupid of her, but on a christian thing come on guys lay off. i dont think she said that as a christian she was just expressing what she thinks, its a free country everyone has a right to say what she/he feels.


Well, I saw the show and when she opened her mouth and said those words, I got really enoyed.. Because if she say it like that she thinks that everyone that dosnt use promise rings are sluts...
Stupid... I cant belive I was the only one that got enoyed by her choice of words.


Ok seriously, just because someone chooses not to wait before marriage to have sex does NOT make them a slut!! It's not self-depricating to have sex outside the confines of marrige whatsoever, it's simply a choice that people have the freedom of making. It can stil be a wonderful, loving thing, regardless of marital status. I have a big issue with so-called "Christians" who feel they have the right to judge everyone else simply because they choose to live a different lifestyle. I'm not much of a Christian, but I'm pretty sure stereotyping all teens who have sex as "sluts" is not a very Christian thing to do! Shame on her, she gives other, non-judgemental Christians a bad name.


The guy was going on and on making fun of those who are choosing to not sleep around. He was making a big deal and she responded in anger & frustration. Get off the Christian soap-box everyone. This is between two people who both mouthed off inappropriately.
But hey, if ya wanna go around having multiple sex partners in life and hope that you make it without a disease or untimely pregnancy that is your business. Not all non-Christians want to be flippant with sex like you all assume. The world also has ZERO tolerance of anyone saying anything that may be a Christian. Guess that is a sign of the times we are living in. Seems like the world is zoning in on one religion to hate. Time to do some reading about what this means anyone?? Quit hating and learn something!


i forgot to say something( yeah what jordin said really did get me that mad lol) she my girl and im a real fan but to be realistic many people who wear those things have the time be lying!!! the claim they the closest the to virgin mary but screwing like it aint nothing wrong just to let you know and also you dont have to have sex and be a slut look at miley!!!!!!!!! ( sorry miley lol !!!!)


ok first of all its not that serious!!!! russell was only joking and the jobros knew it was coming!!! now that the jobros have prutiy rings now everyboody and their mamma want one!!! im not against it in any shape or form but what she said was wrong!!! basically if you dont wear a ring your a slut!?!?!?!?! plus she really dont care because if she did she would have been said something when everybody else was joking about it. i just think those was the wrong words to say!!! she might have a lot of appluse from it but she also have a lot of boos!!!
ps- im a virgin with no prutiy ring.... how amazing!!!! lol


I just have one thing to say about Jordin Sparks. It's okay to have sex before marriage. Because not everyone who does, guy or girl, is a slut.


If anything, I felt that her remarks were more offensive than Brand's comedy. What is with Christians always insisting that their religion and god are superior to everybody else's beliefs. It's perfectly fine to feel that your beliefs are superior, but be tolerant and humble in doing so. Not everybody has to follow the Christian set rules that sex comes after marriage, and that surely doesn't make them a slut. Besides I know some Christians that have sex before marriage. Check yourselves before you check others; matter of fact, just be quiet.


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It's not bad to wear a promise ring because not everybody - guy or girl - wants to be a slut.

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