John McCain Picks a Fight with Barack Obama Over... Lindsay Lohan

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Lehman Brothers, Sheman Brothers.

The John McCain campaign has found an issue on which it can release a definitive, meaningful statement: Lindsay Lohan!

Looking For Indrina?

It all started when The Chicago Sun-Times quoted an unnamed high-level Barack Obama insider this morning,  who said that camp turned down Lohan's offer to host an event because she "is not exactly the kind of high-profile star who would be a positive for us."

In response, McCain blowhard spokesman Tucker Bounds told TMZ: "So let me get this straight -- they turned away Lindsay Lohan, but Barack Obama has friends like unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers and convicted felon Tony Rezko? Maybe LiLo is just too upstanding for Barack Obama."

Yes, it really does appear that Bounds referred to Lohan as "LiLo."

We can imagine the eyes rolling on Tommy Vietor, an Obama spokesperson, when he replied: "Glad to see they're focused on the important issues over in McCain HQ."

Lohan, it should be noted, is on record as having serious issues with Sarah Palin. See how intelligent one can be when one isn't on drugs all the time?


Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Hot Lesbian Affair Considering all the factors mentioned here, Ganesha feels that although both seem to be deeply in love with each other, since they are undergoing the effects of negative and malefic planetary transits, they may fall apart by last quarter of 2009.


As if they would think any one would even think twice abut listening to no talent loser Blohan. Fame whore will do anything for publicity!!! SHE IS A LOSER!!! CAN'T SING, DANCE OR ACT AND SHE IS NOT A CELBRITY!!!! Fire crotch used Sam to get in the public's eye again (most of all for the drugs)fame whore knew this would stir s---. MAKE THE LOSER GO AWAY! SAGGING BOOBS, HIDEOUS FRECKLES! YUCK!!!


McCains camp is getting pathetic.
I'm suprised they didn't call it sexism!

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