John McCain on The View: Down with Roe v. Wade!

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Turns out the ladies on The View can do more than pick catfights with one another.

In an interview with John McCain this morning, the panel grilled the Republican on issues that ranged from abortion to dishonest campaign ads. They were tougher on him than Charles Gibson was on Sarah Palin earlier in the week.

Watch a pair of clips now:



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Correction: Barbara was the bitch.


Agree with Gina and GraceaAlone.
Those ladies are BITCHES


I haven't watched this wretched show in years. As soon as I heard, McCain was going to sit down with these vultures I knew he wouldn't get a fair chance. These women do not represent the REAL American woman’s View. As with Oprah they too busy kissing Obama's behind to see the real issues.


It's obvious that the spoiled elitist members of the view, who have never sacrificed or contributed to America, like McCain has, are in the tank for Obama, while enjoying the benefits from others who have sacrificed and contributed. And while Sherri Shepherd practically offered to drop everything and stump for Mr. Obama ... isn't she the one who couldn't answer Whoopi, as to whether the earth was round or flat? Kudos to McCain for going into the lion's den with this useless group. No wonder they support an unqualified inexperienced candidate like Obama. It takes an empty suit to know one.