Insane, Homophobic Clay Aiken Fans React to Gay Bombshell

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Clay Aiken is gay.

The former American Idol finalist has officially revealed his sexual preference in the latest issue of People Magazine.

The Hollywood Gossip staff had two thoughts when we heard this news:

  1. D'uh!
  2. Who cares? How do the body parts Aiken finds arousing have anything to do with what kind of person he is or how talented a musician he is?

Hopefully, we're not alone in these reactions.

But, as is often the case, those with a negative opinions are making themselves heard the loudest so far.

Here are a few message board posts from a Clay Aiken fan site. Bear in mind, these were people that considered themselves major followers of the singer prior to his announcement, making their homophobia and outrage that much more appalling:

trollynn63: “This is a gut wrenching day for The ClayNation. Somebody wake me up, I hope its a dream.”

Holmes24: “please tell me I’m not the only one who is shocked beyond belief! I feel numb I’m so upset. This can’t be real!! How can you guys say this won’t change anything? This changes EVERYTHING. I don’t even know what to think right now.”

plumclayzy: “This will be it for me. I cannot continue to support him financially now that I know he has chosen this lifestyle. My mind boggles when I think about how ‘lied to’ I feel. It doesn’t look like my expressed opinion will be a popular one, but that’s OK.”

clayncfan: “I’ve cried a river of tears and truthfully do not know where I stand right now."

Please tell us there are some rational, sane, intelligent Clay fans out there willing to come to the defense of this admirable singer. You know, people like Simon Cowell and his reaction to this announcement:

"Wow, that's a shock. It's like being told Santa Claus isn't real - unbelievable."


What I find funny is that his delusional tween-or-overweight-fortysomething fans didn't know and went ape if anyone suggested it...the Tea Party of fan clubs. Sad.


Look, the guy enjoys being queer, that's all there is to it. Some people won't be fans any more because obviously they don't feel they can relate to the context of his music any more. I mean, what normal guy wants to hear a gay dude sing about love, knowing his thoughts are more about loving other dudes? It's all just gross to me, though I will defend his right to be gross if he wants too. The poor kid though - he gets to tell his friends his dad is gay and his mom didn't think it necessary to get married to a man who wanted her in order to have the best environment she could provid for him. Sorry, but that's just selfish, and the baby will carry that burden forever - hopefully the other kids won't taunt him too badly.


There is no proof that any bible is the word of God, only faith and belief! The bible is a book of stories written by mortal men and subject to the culture and era in which it has been written. The only choice one makes with regard to sexuality is to either be honest and open minded vs. bigoted and self-serving to the extent that you force your unsolicited religious beliefs on others and have the nerve to do it in the name of Jesus or God. Neither Jesus nor God would ever hate nor judge those that they have created. In fact, to quote from your precious bible, you have been told to do neither. Gays have been here forever and they always will and anything less than tolerance is hatred. You don't have to approve or agree but you should always respect the rights of others to live the live that God gave them, whatever that may be. Heaven is not a place that permits nor promotes hatred. So, either open your mind and go to heaven or keep it closed and go to hell!


I am a 58 yr old grandother and hope some of you young kids out there will take some advice about life. No one is perfect and the way to evaluate a person is by the type of person they are and how they treat people. If you take a good look around you, you will find liars, cheats, wife and child beaters, people who commit to a person through marriage with sacred vows and then forget about them and follow their own pleasure. There are murderers, not just of the physical body, but also of minds (self esteem, self worth etc.). PLEASE GET A REALITY CHECK ABOUT WHAT GOES ON AROUND YOU AND RE THINK YOUR PETTY COMMENTS ABOUT TWO PEOPLE WHO JUST WANT TO LIVE THEIR LIVES, THEIR WAY, WITHOUT HURTING ANYONE and in fact HAVE HELPED OTHERS AND GIVEN US THE BEST OF THEMSELVES. Their private life behind doors is ABSOLUTELY NONE OF OUR BUSINESS......and has nothing to do with their kindness, generosity and goodness of spirit!


People who are shocked or upset by this are just plain stupid!! OMG it's been soooo obvious since the beginning that this boy was gay! People are so judgemental, and I totally agree with "Who Care" about Christians being hypocritical and judegemental. That's the reason I quit going to church in the first place. I'm not gay myself, but I am all for gay rights. I have several friends that I love dearly that are gay, and I hate seing them persecuted daily for their lifestyle. I think people should keep their hateful opinions to them selves, and let people live their own lives!!


I don't understand why some of his fans are so upset. It was not that hard to tell that the boy was Gay. There were no if's, ands or buts about it to me.
I read a comment where one of his fans said she was so upset she wouldn't answer her telephone and could not even go to work the next day. To me, that's about the nuttiest thing I've ever heard in my life!!!! I hope when or if she called in to her workplace, she didn't tell them she wasn't coming in because she found out Clay was Gay.


So sad that some people feel judgmental with those who don't have the married with two kids in the suburbs lifestyle, especially those former fair weather "fans" of this talented, charitably generous and kind man who merely wants to make a living and raise his son with his good friend and co-parent. I agree with Get With It and Queen B - go back to your simple existence and MOVE ON. It's not like he would have given someone so narrow minded the time of day - whether he be gay or straight!


So he's gay? and what does that have to do with his singing ability? The fact that he's gay isn't a problem with me. The fact that others thought he was straight is just plain strange. That boy is as gay as they come.




Clay being honest finally is great! It was quite agonizing to watch him trying to avoid the question each time.
BTW his latest hairdo is fantastic. He looks soooo deliciously handsome!


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