Hollywood Hook-Up Hullabaloo: Miley Cyrus and Cody Linley?!?

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This would certainly be one way for Cody Linley to draw attention to himself in time for Dancing with the Stars.

As the young actor gets set to appear on that show's seventh season in two weeks, he's making headlines for a very diferent reason today:

The Hannah Montana co-star was spotted leaving his Los Angeles apartment late last night... with Hannah Montana herself!

Indeed, check out the shots below of Miley Cyrus walking out of Linley's place, and then into his Mustang convertible for a drive home. Hey, at least he didn't make her do the walk of shame...

These pics certainly aren't proof that Miley Cyrus and Cody Linley are dating. But in a world of 24-hour news cycles and countless celebrity gossip outlets, stars need to be extra careful.

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CoDy ti AmUh gAtO!"!!!!


guys don't get worked up we already are dating but we are keeping it a seceret.
from mily cycrus


cody linkley you should never go out with another girl other than mily cycrus she looks purrferct 4 u.call me at 443-553-5597


i thought miley cycrus was dating nick jonas ?


hi I think you are a cute couple so you need to go back with him. AND don't go with Nick Jonas because, Not trying to say anything you guys are not a cute couple.. And i don't want your heart broken so becateful. And stop showing your body parts its not cool and you have a lot of fans. They dont want to see you like this. Your biigest fan!!!


ruokcody write to me back ok?


hi cody


Well oh well here we go again with Miley.


I think their adorable!!!!!! But just because they hang out at night doesn't mean their going out!! So don't jump to conclusions!! I think Miley already has enough gossip to deal with without people jumping to conclusions!!!!!! But anyway, on a better note(!), I always thought they should go out ever since the whole liking each other for a while came around! Even after thought they should go out, but kind of forget them!! But if their going out, well, great for them!!! Congratulations Miley and Cody!!!!!! :)


What?! Can friends not hang out at 10:00 at night without everyone freaking out? They keep saying they are friends. I hang out with my friends at night.Everyone does, so what's the big deal.