Holly Madison Might Heart Criss Angel, Leave Hugh Hefner

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Not only is The Girls Next Door filming its final season, but the arrangement that spawned this reality TV hit may be coming to an end, as well.

Reports state that Kendra Wilkinson is likely moving out of the Playboy Mansion - but that decision is not due to an impending marriage between Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner.

Not even close.

Sources have told Perez Hilton that Madison and Hefner are closer to breaking up than getting hitched. Rumors continue to circulate that Holly is growing mightly close to Criss Angel (yes, that chick magnet is back).

"She's been looking at places to stay in the Valley," an insider said, referring to Madison's possible move.

Holly Madison Naked

The latest to be seeing Holly Madison nude? Criss Angel.


She's dating [i.e. screwing] a married man, I'm guessing that she probably has a low opinion of herself [knowing that she's second best to Criss's wife and he's still not filing for divorce]. So when her life is over, what will they put on her tombstone so the future generations will see how valuable her contributions to our society were? It will probably say: She Had A Great Vagina.


"leave chris angel alooone" waaaah!! Hes a pickle smooching,ball sniffin,hemroid lickin magical phony


im so sick of people like you calling criss angel a douche bag and a sleaze ball and a man whore i wish u all could get it in yer head that criss is married to his career and im tired of you ruining his reputation to be a wonderful person and a loving one at that screw yu sham eon yu leave criss angel outta this


No way.... Holly is not only a beautiful but she seems an honest person as well and I think that she would never hurt Hef and leave him for another man.


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Holly Madison is a Playboy model and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. As for Madison, she is best known for getting naked a lot and... More »
Astoria, Oregon
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Holly Cullen

Holly Madison Quotes

We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road.

Holly Madison [on Hugh Hefner]

I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren't together.

Holly Madison