Herb Wilson is Dating Star Jones, Reasons Why Unclear

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Herb Wilson is the executive chef at Manhattan's Soho and Tribeca Grand hotels.

Now, reportedly, he's cooking up romance with Star Jones! We have no clue why.

"This was one of the first times they were out in public together," a friend of Star's told People, after the couple were spotted kissing in the stands at the U.S. Open a couple days ago. "It's a new relationship, and he makes her very happy."

Good luck dating Star Jones, Herb Wilson. You'll need it!

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I'm so happy for star i think they make a wonderful couple they looks good together you go star jones


Star is alright by me ... if this guy is cookin it up in the kitchen and other places for her - then go 'head Star ... live your live and do what you gotta do!


Yes, leave Star Jones alone, don't hate; relate. It's her life.


Leave her alone. Why would people ask such as stupid question as to why one human being would become involved with another when they are both adults. When I hear things such as "Now, reportedly, he's cooking up romance with Star Jones! We have no clue why" Who are you to question why a man would want a woman? They just do, get a life and leave well enough alone. She's living her life the best way she can, just like all the rest of us. Most of us are doing what we need to do to survive and we have all made mistakes. Give it a rest. Funny thing is, I'm not a Star Jones Fan, but I'm also not a hater...