Heidi Montag Hints at Lauren Conrad Reconciliation

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Heidi Montag was pleased to hear former roommate and BFF, Lauren Conrad, say she misses her on a recent episode of MTV's hit series, The Hills.

"I was glad to hear it... I thought it was really sweet," Montag said in an interview with Extra. "That really brought a big smile to my face."

"Obviously I miss her. She was my best friend for a really long time. One day hopefully we will be able to work through this and patch things up."

Heidi and LC haven't been on good terms since Montag moved in with Spencer Pratt (as shown at the end of Season 2). The epic feud escalated after Montag and Pratt were accused of spreading rumors of a Lauren Conrad sex tape.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag suck. Literally and otherwise.

With The Hills co-star Whitney Port ready to star in her spinoff show in New York City, are Heidi and Spencer ready to headline their own show?

"Currently we love being on The Hills. We love reality TV," Spencer, who has said it's his favorite show, told Extra. "It's so much fun."

Added Heidi, "I don't think we're going to stop reality TV anytime soon. But [our own series is] definitely one day in the works for sure."

Anything holding that up, in particular?

"I need a ring first," Montag said, looking at Spencer. "Down on one knee proposal with waterfalls and a wedding carriage... and a horse carriage."


Love the show but it's all fake,who would let there boy friend talk to there family like that. Give me a break it's all fake and spencer needs to be taken to the wood shead.


Haha you don't really want to. But to put it plainly Spencer Pratt is the biggest tossbag on the planet. they don't look like they are actually kissing in this picture?


Who is this Spencer Pratt? I have never heard of the guy

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