Happy Birthday, Keely Shaye Smith!

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Keely Shaye Smith turns 44 today.

But many readers are unlikely to wish her a happy birthday.

After all, few topics have created as much stir on The Hollywood Gossip as a Keeley Shaye Smith picture with a caption that simply said our staff admires Pierce Brosnan's wife "for remaining true to who she is." Hundreds of comments have been left in response to this seemingly harmless statement.

Do you think Smith is setting an unhealthy example with her weight? Or is society truly critical of individuals who are thin and those who are fat these days?

Take a look at a few more Keely Shaye Smith photos, including the aforementioned controversial image, and weigh in with your thoughts now:

Keely Shaye Smith Photograph
Keely Shaye Smith Photo
Keely Shaye Smith, Pierce Brosnon
Keely Shaye Smith Picture
Keely Shaye Smith, Husband

Pandora...You are so wrong. Pierce said he loved his wife as she is and thinks she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. That remark elevates him to the top of the greatest male scale in my book. What a guy! You seem more upset than he is. I have read she has medical issues, so the commenters should not be so quick to judge.


It's not about agreeing with the hollywood standards when it comes to image, but clearly, her enormous weight gain has got to be a big concern for Pierce. Not only does it post a risk to her health and also to her/his "image". She couldn't care less if she is obeese (FAT).


Although I do agree that hollywood sets an unnattainable standard when it comes to body image, I do think that as a figure in the public eye it would be nice to see her take better care of herself. She definitely has the time and resources that alot of other people don't have, it just seems a bit of a waste to me.


Of course society is more critical of the those who aren't exactly picture perfect thin I mean thats why there is so much anorexia and bulimia going on, everyone wants to look like the super thin celebrity's who might not really look like that.


Ah shucks, it simply the Snickers!

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