Elisabeth Hasselbeck Asks: What is Michelle Obama Hiding?

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Forget the mortgage crisis.

Who cares about rising gas prices?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tim Hasselbeck

Drill for oil, don't drill for oil. Whatever.

The true indicator of which Presidential candidate is best suited for office in America today is how each of their wives behaves in the dressing room of The View.

To present that insight, take it away Elisabeth Hasselbeck...



I have watched this show since it came on. No More. If I have to listen to anymore of this stupid womans mouth.GOOD GOD! It doesn't matter what the girls are talking about, the mouth has a different throught. Cut her damn fingers off and she and maybe she SHUT THE HELL UP! Rachel Ray is on at this time. And I've found some good books to read


Elizabeth doesn't like to hear the TRUTH about what Bush has done wrong. To be quite honest I'd like to know what is she really afraid of... She is so defensive her party messed up and she can't seem to get it or just doesn't want to. Her Bush & Palin are NO GOOD AND THE SOONER THAT SHE REALIZES THAT AND ADMITS IT THEN WHAT IS SHE GOING TO DO. ATTACK OBAMA FOR BUSHES MISTAKES SHE'S ALREADY STARTED THAT... SHE NEEDS TO WAKE UP... I LOVE THE REST OF THE LADIES NOT HER THOUGH... TAKE HER OFF THE SHOW...SOONER THAN LATER...


Elizabeth is great, you go girl, its 4 to 1, I rather she be there than that fringing Rosie beer swelling fat O'Donnell she thinks the sun rises and sets on her. Hands down, Elizabeth is best looking on the show, Barbara wa wa needs to take her walker and move to the home, Whoopi needs to lose weight and grow some fringing eyebrows, and at least learn some new jokes and drop the sarcasm. Joy Behar, should shelve it and move to Vegas and entertain the drunks, and gamblers. So much for change as a nation, we are what are, a crumbling miserable failure. Oh well, maybe the messiah can fix us, honestly as Pres O said "I won", not so fast games not over, in the, now examine this statement very closely boys and girls, in the end God wins.


you guys have no idea what it is like to be different in this country, where everyone says we are equal. shame on you danielle cochran for making fun of much needed change. whopi had a right to be concerned about a strict constitutionalist, what do you know of being afraid that your right to be considered a HUMAN BEING might be taken away?


Thank God for people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck - a women of virtue, strong morals, important character traits like accountability, responsibility - something none of the other people on the show posses! Keep up the great work Elisabeth! God Bless America and Republicans everywhere!


Elizabeth is a real idiot! Maybe its because she is young and pretty and really has no idea whats going on out there. How she got a job on "The View' is beyond me?? Wonder if she slept with one of the producers???


Hi Elizabeth:
Sending you this great bumper Sticker slogan found in Dallas,
TX. Would you please show it on the show? It could be
made into a T-Shirt to wear so that everybody can read the
Bumper sticker seen in Dallas, Texas ... “I’ll keep my freedom, my guns, and my money. You can keep THE CHANGE.� Vote for McCain/Palin


why isn't anyone asking the question, how can we vote for a president that won't even salute by puttinig his hand over his heart to our American flag??? that is an indicator to me of where loyalty lies -


Eh run for president? Imagine the ticket with Elizabeth on the top and Sarah on the bottom......OR......(God forbid) the other way around!!!


I've been watching the view since it started. I've always enjoyed listening to the views of the ladies. For me it is getting hard to actually watch the show. I'm glad you show different Views on this election but it is hard to listen and watch EH. She defends everything the republican party says and does even the ridiculous. Sometimes she just need to be an ear like most of us and not always a mouth. We get her view that McCain is perfect and Barack is not. Yes I get that sounds ignorant for me to say. That's why I'm tired of the broken record approach she gives day after day. If she actually spoke without being so bias it would be easier to take her serious and not so annoying. A long time viewer of the show ready to call it quits.


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Tim Hasselbeck
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