Cody Linley: I Painted with Miley Cyrus

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If Cody Linley is half as good on Dancing with the Stars as he is at dancing around questions about a possible Miley Cyrus romance... well, Julianne Hough may wanna find a new partner.

After being spotted with Cyrus leaving his apartment last week, the Hannah Montana actor told Life & Style that the rendevous was totally innocent.

Miley Cyrus Out and About

"She came over, and Miley, my roommate and I all painted. We splatter-painted," Linley said, adding that "right now, we're just very close friends."

Right now, huh, Cody? Should we ask you again in a few minutes?

It sounds very much like Cody Linley is dating Miley Cyrus. Think they make a good match?

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no never


you guys r all being too hard on him sure im a man but it dosent matter if miley wants to dump gaston let it be so because two of them make a great couple for example in thye hit show hanamontana


JOSHUA! That may be a possibilty! Lmao...


they splattered painted with each other in the bed.


BobNewman get a life or somebody will splatter paint all over your face!!!!!!!!


Good for them....


Miley and Cody would make a cute couple !! ^.^


The guy is a rich pampered baby. Miley needs a more down-to-earth guy, like myself. Not someone who doesn't know what the word 'work' means, and has everything handed to them.


I think they made a cute couple on Hannah Montana and they would be even cuter in real life! Go Cody and Miley!


I bet he did splatter some paint...all over her face.

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