Celebrity Hair Affair: Rumer Willis

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You just never can tell what Rumer Willis is going to do next.

Sit down, Micah Alberti. That's not what we're talking about.

We're talking fashion and hairstyles, people, specifically the latter in this case. Rumer is really seeing red these days, as you can see!

Or at least we are. The House Bunny actress lightened up her hair from almost black to auburn at a public apperance recently. Peep it:

Rumer Willis: Beautiful

Which Rumer Willis hairstyle do you like better?


That chick looks like a red headed frog. Her nose it is the beek!


The darker hair, because it looks so like her gorgeous mom. Demi, broke the precent (with the likes of other brunettes, like Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts, etc.) That to be an icon, you don't have to be blond!! Of course, with her genetic gifts, she could shave her head and still be beautiful. As a P.S., I also hope she is as nice as her parents seem to be, still friends and devoted to their children! The true beauty, blond , red brunette, black or white!!!! comes from inside!


I think that Rumer looks better with her black hair, maybe it is just because I am use to her having it that way, but the auburn hair just looks wrong on her!


The one with the hair hanging down is terrible. How can she stand it?

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