Brooke Hogan Knows Least About Dick Cheney

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Brooke Hogan was on the Howard Stern show yesterday morning.

And for someone who claims to "know best" in her reality TV show, the atrocious singer and dresser may wanna read up on her politics. Among other issues discussed, Brooke said she didn't know who the current Vice President of the United States is.

Hulk and Brooke Photo

Hey, we wish Dick Cheney didn't exist, too, but we're pretty sure just forgetting his name won't do the trick.

Here are other topics Stern and Hogan touched on:

Her father's girlfriend, Jennifer McDaniel: The two often hang out, McDaniel is “really nice,” and she looks nothing like Brooke in person. Yeah, right.

Her mom, who’s currently dating a 19-year classmate of Brooke's: She hasn’t spoken to her mom since May and asks about Charley Hill: “Why would a 19-year old boy be interested in a 48-year old woman?”

Her giant breasts: Brooke claims they are real - and a size D.

On shaving her private parts:“That’s like a little lasagna right there. You don’t want that out.” Well, okay then.

On anal sex: Her butt is “exit only." (We'd also wager money that the world will see it in Playboy one day.)

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