Brody Jenner Shirtless in Brody Jenner Jeans

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The celebrity fashion world had a collective aneurysm when a signature Brody Jenner line of designer jeans was reported to be in the works.

Turns out, though, that this cardboard, kung fu figure of Brody Jenner is just a prop for a competition in his upcoming Bromance reality show...

Kendall Jenner Fashion

Cardboard cut-out or not, this is Brody Jenner shirtless ... and there appear to be buns visible. Not a bad trade-off, considering that the jeans look absurd.

Brody, who just started seeing Jayde Nicole, is cementing his reputation as the king of reality TV, as Bromance will be about his 73rd venture.

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yo brojoe, stop it! are you kidding me.I can only imagine you getting locked up wearing those jeans, I know i'd give you all the protection you need,just sit on my lap.hehehehehhee.But serious brojoe,don't wear that anymore.


No Tiffany, I've known Brody and family for several years. He is not successful in the least, and every respected person in Hollywood thinks he is a joke and a loser, just like Pratt and Montag. He has accomplished nothing, and doesn't even have a degree. The only people who like him, are his groupy Z list, loser friends, and trollops like you who just want to sleep with him. That's not hating, that's simply presenting the facts about Brody.




Sounds like loser "Tanya" never got invited to Brody's home or parties. He has always been a great guy, a terrific friend, and a lot of fun. Take a lesson, bitter Tanya. Brody is awesome. You are obviously jealous of his success.


That's even gayer than Perez Hilton and Liberace put together!!!!


LOL are you kidding me???? Could the gay face be any clearer at this point!!! From the nipples down he looks like a woman!!!
Brody Jenner, he's that loser in grade 5 that everyone hated because he was such an idiot but still hung out with cause his parents would let you destroy the house, drink and smoke pot in the living room as long as little "BroBro" didn't get upset...yeah...HE'S STILL LIKE THAT!!!!!