Bristol Palin Photos: Guns, Booze and Girl-on-Girl Action

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New pictures of Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter, 17-year-old Bristol Palin, have emerged, and it looks like this girl is one who hows to have a blast ...

Sometimes literally! Whether she's playing with firearms or posing with baby daddy Levi Johnston and other pals, Bristol's life is a non-stop party.

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston

At heart, the Republican V.P. nominee's daughter is your typical All-American girl: hunting, pregnant and drinking underage (presumably not all at the same time).

Think you can pack heat in the Vice President's residence? We just might find out come January. Click to enlarge the Bristol Palin pictures below!

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that some or all of these pictures may be of Mercedes Johnston, Levi's sister, and not Bristol Palin. Our staff apologizes for any errors, but still encourage your comments on these amusing photos below.


The only way this can get any better; and I expect it will, is if either Trig really is hers, and/or the trooper uncle that Palin has tried to get fired is the baby daddy. There are way more skeletons in this little closet in Alaska, if this is what we've gotten in 4 days.


Typical Rednecks......they meet all the criteria usually found in your typical racist American family. What a poor choice by McCain, says so much about him and his "conservative" party.


Ye Ha ! If the photos of Bristol and her boyfriend are real, YOU GO GIRL. I like that much better than some phoney stuffed shirt from Illinois who has never held a gun in his life (too scary), would never let YOU hold one, whether you wanted to or not, and who spends his time promising change. All the wrong kind. A girl with balls and guns. I'm all for it. If this were a black girl, the photo would have been taken by some 8Trey Crips, outside of a 7-11 that they just robbed. Why don't you stick to your usual op-eds with photos of Brittney and Lindsay' pantiless crotch as they exit a car at an Obama rally high on crack. That's a lot more your speed.


Your captions and headlines about these pictures are total fabrications and lies. All I see in those pictures is a girl having fun with her friends, her boyfriend, and holding a baby. YOU slap "GUNS', "girl-on-girl" and "booze" on the headline as though that makes it true. So... she's holding a bottle in a few photos. She's not undressed, or doing anything rude. She drank alcohol before she was 18 or 21 -- BIG @(*&#)@(*# DEAL. So did I. It didn't mean I wrecked cars, got anybody pregnant, or did anything bad. The photo with the guns... SO WHAT? You caption it like she's biting the head off of small animals. You are so desperate to make this into something sinister. You are pathetic.

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