Bristol Palin Photos: Guns, Booze and Girl-on-Girl Action

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New pictures of Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter, 17-year-old Bristol Palin, have emerged, and it looks like this girl is one who hows to have a blast ...

Sometimes literally! Whether she's playing with firearms or posing with baby daddy Levi Johnston and other pals, Bristol's life is a non-stop party.

Bristol Palin, Levi Johnston

At heart, the Republican V.P. nominee's daughter is your typical All-American girl: hunting, pregnant and drinking underage (presumably not all at the same time).

Think you can pack heat in the Vice President's residence? We just might find out come January. Click to enlarge the Bristol Palin pictures below!

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that some or all of these pictures may be of Mercedes Johnston, Levi's sister, and not Bristol Palin. Our staff apologizes for any errors, but still encourage your comments on these amusing photos below.

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These can't be photos of Bristol PORKlin she has her CLOTHES ON & SHE's NOT ON HER KNEES!!!!


Ummmm, I'm pretty sure on the news they said that the girl in the photos was Levi Johnston's(the baby dady) sister. Bristol Palin looks nothing like her.


Just kids being kids. And in Alaska, the gun is just a necessary tool for protection and hunting. Alcohol is another necessary tool up there. Go visit and see, or get over it and quit whining. If they were in LA, they'd be tagging buildings with paint and smoking weed. We have a very diverse american youth.


It has come to our attention that some or all of these pictures may be of Mercedes Johnston, Levi's sister, and not Bristol Palin. Yeah, don't let facts or reality get in the way of your mission. Go Obama!


Sounds like Levi shoulda' been sent to the penalty box for "High Sticking". What was John McCain thinking...wasn't Jamie Lynn Spears ma available?


Why is Levi's sister holding Trig so soon after being born? I see these kids holding Trig more than his own "mother". I'm starting to think that Trig really does belong to Levi and Bristol. No wonder why Levi's sister is able to get her hands wrapped around poor little Trig. I may be wrong but I would not be surprised at all and neither would anyone else, unfortunately.


The ONLY people who threw Bristol to the media wolves were:
1) Her Mom and Dad.... when they let Mom's ambition get in the way of sound parenting.
2) John McCain... for allowing his own ego-mania cloud his eyes with delusions of the Presidency. McCain NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER does ANYTHING that DOES'NT promote John McCain...
and that INCLUDES throwing Bristol Palin under the nearest steam-roller...otherwise known as the Media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 MeCain is a panderer and a liar and if you think any different...
you have drank his kool-aid. God forbid he should win... I will bet my hole that he wont even tell Palin where the Oval Office is... let alone let her in it. MCCAIN AND THE REPUBLICANS ARE THE EMBODIMENT OF ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH OUR POLITICS!!!!!!!


These are almost all of his sister except for the one supposedly showing her holding a liquor bottle_the pixels don't match of the bottle and her hand.. Try again slimeball. Isn't posting crap like this of a minor against ISP's T.O.S? How about we just turn this domain in?


Who knows if Bristol wants to have her baby or mom says she will or else? Remember, Caylees mom had her keep her when she wanted to give her up for adoption. Now she is missing and everyone is shocked! After all these years women,moms my age (over 40) wanted women of all races and ages to have what our mothers didn't A CHOICE. It seems that Gov. Palins pay grade gives her the right to take on
Gods job too.


These past four days have been sooooooooooo money! Who needs "reality" tv? This is reality and a true showcase of real Americans. This is America at its best! Yeeha!!!

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