Bill O'Reilly Might Want to Rethink This

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For all the criticism the media and blog world (this celebrity gossip site included) has endured for supposedly biased coverage of Gov. Sarah Palin and pregnant daughter Bristol, some of her biggest fans may be a tad hypocritical, as well.

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    Comparing the Bill O Spears quote to the Bill O Palin quote is comparing apples and oranges.
    One's mom is running for VP and Bill O is talking about keeping the jabs against the child out of the public view. Of course he isn't going to call Palin or her daughter a pin-head, eventhough it would be the rightful equality given his Spears comment. Why are you trying to equate the two, just to make some gossip?


    Do the research and you will see that there is no comparison between the Palins and the Spears. One family is marked by a lifetime of fighting for what is right and decent. The other family is marked by a lifetime of destroying whatever is right and decent. Get your facts straight.


    i think people like bill o does not have alzimers, he has sometimers. sometimes he is here and sometimes he is not.


    JR Says:
    September 10th, 2008 7:38 PM

    "How is Bill O any different than any other media reporter, writer, actor, actress.....they all "taylor" their words to bash right wings and glorify left."

    JR you're obviously some kind of idiot pundit, I mean saying Bill O'Reilly 'taylors his words to bash right wings and glorify the left." Yeah, that's Bill's thing, glorifying the left. Considering you didn't comprehend this article and have no concept of the media, politics, or real world issues, perhaps other than those on MTV, please go crawl back into your Republican Stupidity Hole. Thanks so much.


    How is Bill O any different than any other media reporter, writer, actor, actress.....they all "taylor" their words to bash right wings and glorify left. This sort of stuff goes on all the time. What I find interesting is that this GOSSIP site tries to find issue-although not surprising! Again, stick to gossip. Politics and other real world issues should be discussed by valid sources; this site and its writers not being among those sources.


    wow! talk about drinking the Kool-Aid! There is really no difference between these two girls' stories. Bill O is a right wing crazy and he says anything and everything to appeal to right wingers like our friend notatall.
    Teen pregnancy is sad and could be minimized with sex ed and birth control!


    "supposedly" biased? yeah...right. media's more liberal than san francisco and manhattan combined. ANYHOO, bristol getting pregnant is not the same as jamie lynn b/c there's no britney in the palin family to undermine further the mother's role. jamie lynn's pregnancy was just another reason that their family was falling apart, and another reason the mother was a psycho. bristol and the palin family are entirely different.

    speaking of biased....keep to the gossip and end the political sway

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