AWWW-fully Adorable: Nick Jonas and a Puppy!

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Just when you thought Nick Jonas couldn't get any cuter, guess what his brothers got him for his 16th birthday....

A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!

We dare you not to smile when checking out this photo of the cutie and his new pet:

How will Selena Gomez choose between who to play with now, boyfriend Nick Jonas or his adorable puppy?


AWWWWW they are both so adorable


omg this puppy is so cute he has the cuttest little nose...i bet nick kisses his little nose! hahah omg but the one thing im really liking about this pic is that it kinda gives me and idea of how tall nick is and hes not to tall at all! yay! cuz im not that tall lol


AWWW! That puppy is the custest thing! He's gonna have all the girl puppies chasing after him! tehe


I'd choose play with the golden retriever. Not because Nick isn't hot, but he's still jailbait at 16.


wow cute puppy!


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