A-Dubs Bails on Another Show, May Get Sued

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Entertaining as it is day in and day out, Amy Winehouse gossip is somewhat predictable and tends to follow some or all of the following themes:

  1. Checking in or out of rehab
  2. Bailing on a concert inexplicably
  3. Being photographed taking hard drugs
  4. Calling for the release of Blake Fielder-Civil

Today we're covering a news story from group #2. The beleaguered singer is facing legal action after she pulled out of a concert in Paris just two hours before she was due to perform - she was the headlining act, no less.

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She was "taken ill" in London and was unable to travel to France. So to speak.

Organizers will start legal proceedings against her because of her cancellation.

A statement said: "We were told by Winehouse's agent at 8 pm that she would not be there, and we were forced to cancel the performance. We have still not been given any explanation of the exact reasons for her absence."

That's about it for this post. Assuming "taken ill" is code for "OD'd on heroin again," we still like her in our Celebrity Death Pool.


POOR WOMAN!!! So much heart, but she needs TONS of support!!


To be perfectly honest - this doesn't surprise me very much! As much hard stuff she has taken & the amount of marijuana that is smoked while she is around, it is a wonder that she is still alive! Everyday that I check out my dose of Hollywood Gossip I expect to read that she is dead! Is there no one in her life that loves her? If there is they need to get her help; if not I have a feeling that by the end of the year she will be dead of drug overdose. And for what its worth I like her music and I will hate to see her go!


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I want at least five kids. I want twins. Blake is gonna be the most amazing dad.

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