A Photo Tribute to Bristol Palin

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Sorry, Sarah Palin. You're no longer the most famous member of your own family.

That honor now falls to Bristol Palin.

Bristol Palin, Teen Mom

It was revealed this morning that Bristol is the Jamie Lynn Spears of the political world, a pregnant 17-year old set to marry her Casey Aldridge-like boyfriend.

With that in mind, here's a photo montage of young Bristol Palin, often pictured alongside her famous mother. Click on each photo for a larger image...

We're not casting judgment on Sarah Palin as a mother, nor on Bristol Palin as an individual. Everyone makes mistakes. But we do have one pressing question:

Can you imagine the reaction from conservatives if Barack Obama had a pregnant teenage daughter?


McCain|Palin had to reveal Bristol's pregnancy because of the wild crazy accusations that Trig was Bristol's child and that Sarah Palin hide this with a fake pregnancy. Besides, it was bound to come out, everyone in Alaska knew of Bristol's pregnancy. Now, did you see Al Gore pull out of the VP race because we all knew about his son's drug use? Were you all asking questions about what kind of a parent he was. Anyone ask Jimmy Carter about Amy and her chosen life style which was against Daddy's religion? Any one question his parenting skills?


Get real America. If this was Barak's 17 year old daughter it would be viewed very differently. I can't imagine the comments.
Isn't it funny how this 17 year old from Alaska will now be a "hero!" Get real America.


So Bristol is a little rebel who got pregnant - that doesn't mean her mother wouldn't be a great VP. Politics and family life are two very different things.


Oh come now ... The republicans will turn this entire situation into the ‘innocent angel' against the ‘wicked Democrats and Liberals' in no time. They have a little over eight weeks to succeed into duping America. Lord knows Bush got eight years. Their clock began ticking today with this stunning breaking news!


I went to the website of obama, In fact i went to a bunch not run by his campain and only say a mention to this story on one. Not a site his campain handles but one of a supporter. How can you blame this on Obama he has been running a fairly clean game unlike the others up untill now. Frankly this has nothing to do with Obama. Its about a mother not handling her children and possible lying to the rest of the world to avoid scandel (at the time.) Yes it was your mothers fault for not being a parent or helping you understand your options when it came to sex. Parents need to parent, and alot more children would come out better for it. Its not her fault you screwed up its her fault you didnt know better.


It's not the child healthy labido that astounds me nor that she even became pregnant ... but it's the fact that she is the daughter of a bible thumping mother who spews the very values she can not even instill in her home and who, while preaching abstaining overloked explaining the minor details of birth control. This is beyond idiocy.


She's just a teenage girl who made a mistake! Sarah Palin is just a normal person who's daughter made a mistake (well she made a bit of a mistake too! lol). I don't see what the huge deal is? It's not like she is now rubbish at her job because her daughter is pregnant!! Let it go!


ha!ha!ha!mrs palin watch your daughter!


Forget that the pregnancy happened. How could John McCain and Sara Palin, both of whom claim to have known all about it, chosen to put this kid into the media spotlight while she goes through this? Sarah Palin didn't need to run for VP right now while her daughter is still unmarried and pregnant. John McCain could have picked anothe VP candidate. Either could have saved this kid from what she's about to go through. Instead, to further their ambitions, they threw this kid under the paparazzi bus. Nice.

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Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with -- this isn't ideal. But I'm fortunate to have a supportive family, which is dealing with this together.

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