Zanessa, Ashley Tisdale: One Elle of a Photo Shoot!

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The stars of High School Musical are growing up quickly.

While promotional efforts for the third installment of this franchise include basic movie posters, Elle Magazine has recently published an alluring photo spread of the film's main three stars.

Check out Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale like you've never seen them before:

In case the steamy photo above isn't enough, browse through the followng pics of your favorite High School Musical stars now. Click on each below for a larger version...

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i hate venessa so much Because she's so ugly and ....
and i think ashley is better than venessa


hey a big fan of disney channel fans but i got 2 say that ashley would be a better girl for zac because she ia better looking than vanessa.ooohhh!!! by the way ashley u rock and i love your shows and acting more than any other star. GO GIRL YOUR THE BOSS OF DISNEY CHANNEL!!!!!!


I love the Zac and Vanessa photos but my favorite has to be the main article photo as it is the most symbolic. It shows Zac and Vanessa staring intently at each other showing their love and passion. And it shows Ashley and Vanessa holding hands symbolizing peace and friendship. I love this one the most because it is the one most associated to real life.


i hate zashley but i love miley and vanessa


hi! oh my god! i love it, they look so cute, especially zanessa :)... i'm sorry if a have a mastake in this coment... i'm from argentina, buenos aires... so my english is going a little bad! just in three words... I LOVE IT!! ash, zac & nessa rules!! kisses!! please... someone put me on in her e-mail... thanks!


I'm sorry, but I do not like Zac. Well, I think he's ugly, I should say. I have nothing against with him, otherwise. But I don't see why every girl thinks he's hot. He's ugly, and needs to stop tanning. In the last movie he was tanner than his girlfriend, who has latino in her! He at least make Vanessa happy. :] Also, why does everyone love the Jonas Brothers? Kids of the future is a complete steal from Kids of America. Sure, their voices are alright, but I've heard better. And the super emo look is overplayed. Straightening hair, wearing emo/scene clothes. Blah. And they're really not cute. But hey, they are good people, so that's a plus! :]


Flip they look so hot in these pics, this is a fact and it will never change HSM has only made three people famous and they are zac ashley and vanessa the others are just backup crew. HSM has really made it for these three, I am so going to sign up for whatever the next disney musical movie. Then i can meet zac ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and ashley and vanessa they are really cool


They look really grown up there.


i don't really like how they made Ashley look at Zac like that. It kinda makes her look like she wants to be with him too. I dunno its just like theres Zac and Vanessa then Ashley's sort of on the outside. Its weird. I love Ashley Tisdale though!!


Love them! Even though they have more on the elle website that include Zac and Ashley in couple photos. Zac and Vanessa were better though. Its just strange how they have a seperate picture of Zac and Ashley but they didn't take a picture of Vanessa on her own.