Will Brooke Burke Nude Pics Create Dancing with the Stars Controversy?

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Now that the official Dancing with the Stars season seven cast has been announced, we have to ask:

Is the show courting controversy in order to increase ratings?

Unlike American Idol - whose popularity sagged last year, leading to the hiring of Kara DioGuardi as a fourth judge - Dancing with the Stars doesn't appear to need a shake-up. Nevertheless, we can't help but wonder what the producers were thinking for two reasons:

  1. Kim Kardashian nude photos;
  2. Brooke Burke nude photos.

Indeed, two of the quasi celebrities chosen for the upcoming season are famous almost solely due to their penchant for getting naked. Each has appeared in Playboy and one has gotten absolutely railed by Ray J on tape.

While the latter fact may make Kardashian seem like the more controversial selection, follow this article's jump now to see just how down and dirty Brooke Burke has gotten in the past...

We're not sure where this photo is from, but Dancing with the Stars producers may have to prepare themselves for an Antonella Barba-like scandal if it gets out:

Brooke Burke Naked Pic

But, wait, this is far from the only time Brooke Burke nude photos have appeared online or in magazines. Click on the numerous examples below for larger images...

Brooke Burke Nude
Brooke Burke Naked
Brooke Burke Nude Pic
Brooke Burke Nude Photo

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this is a good thinks


Brooke although now married is still one of the hottest women (celebs) on the planet


she's hot, check out Kara DioGuardi


I'm sure many, many men would line up to f*ck her from the rear if they had the chance.


Anybody who looks as good as Brooke looks naked can do whatever she damn well pleases (clothes optional and not necessarily encouraged)


I sure men have jerked themselves many times after Brooke's nude shots came over the internet. memmie


how far down did she go when the cameras were off. Keep your clothes on Brooke.

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