Tom Brady Plays with Gisele Bundchen, Son

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The celebrity baby photo below is a little bit grainy - but it's got a lot of cuteness going for it. Presenting John Edward Thomas Moynahan!

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who just purchased an $11 million plot of land in L.A. to be close to his son, made good yesterday, playing with the little guy on the field. Girlfriend Gisele Bundchen came along as well.

Charlie Axel Woods Photo

John Moynahan just turned one. His mom, of course, is Tom's ex Bridget Moynahan, who announced her pregnancy almost immediately after their breakup and sparked rumors of a possible pulling of the goalie. Either way, how cute is John?


Paps can not get in but sports media people can. Think they dont know these photos are worth money?


pics taken August 1 at Gillete Stadium, and we know paps can't get in there. They are just being released now? Why?

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