The New Zac Efron

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Get ready for a new Zac Efron, High School Musical fans!

While most followers of that franchise are familiar with the basketball-playing look of a jock on Efron - which you can glean from our latest round of High School Musical 3 pictures - the actor is going old school for his next movie, Me and Orson Welles.

The film is set in 1937. It's the story of an aspiring actor named Richard Samuels (Efron), who is thrown into the middle of Orson Welles’ Mercury Theatre Company on the eve of the opening of Welles’ historic staging of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

What do you think of Zac Efron, circa 1937?

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NO NO NO NO NO this is jus actin im sure zac dusnt want 2 go wiv this luk in my opinion he luks sooooo mch beta wiv his otha styl. Vanessa u shudnt lisen to wat othas sayin 2 u to dump him REMEMBA HE IS JUS ACTIN im sure u no that


o my gosh i cant believe that you applied to the roll you look realy realy realy realy u...g...l...y UGLY zac i thought that you are cute i guess in this movie you are not. i still l...o...v...e LOVE you zac you are so cute. i aggrey with miley and mike olamy, i do realy DO think that you must dump him venessa, just for the time he has that hair styl and then go back to him. i think you[ venessa ] and zac make a VERY good couple


Ah Ah vanessa pls dump this guy he his starting to scare my sister who are your fans


he looks reallly hot
im likingg the sexy sophisticated look


barono oik


kocham ciÄ™ bardzo dwie maciury


oh my god he looks horrible vanessa hugens dumped him


Dose anybody know if this moive is Rated R because Somebody tolled me that Zac Efron has a Sexsence in Me and Orson Welles. So I don't thank the Teenagers will be able to see it or Zac younger Fans But I think it is just a rumor


r u and vannessa hudgens dating?


he looks ugly im sorry but he does im like him better with the other hair he had =D