The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest 45

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Welcome, celebrity news and gossip fans, to The Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest, our Friday tradition. Who wins this edition of the Caption Contest?

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    OMG diaphragm just fell out and is floating in the pool....there's a paparazzi over there--help me put it back in before he notices...


    Honey! Close your legs and let me pull out your camel toe wedgie.


    Psst! Theres a camera on the other side of the pool. Let's pull a Brittney/Madonna move and make-out on this floaty tube.


    Did Lindsey do it like this?


    I told you I can do it with out moving my lips. Now who wants to see it while I drink a glass of water.


    Rumored lesbians, Court-en-ay Semel and Tila Tequila, frolick and make conversation in a swimming pool.


    Court: I went to high school in Connecticut.
    Tila: I'd like to connect to your c*%t!


    Psst, my real name isn't Tila Tequila.


    Courtenay: You're not even close.
    Tila: I've never actually touched a girl before. Just play along for the camera.

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