Tara Conner to Host Reality Show

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Tara Conner doesn't need cocaine anymore.

Miss USA 2006 has the high of reality TV to keep her going!

The disgraced beauty queen has been hired by MTV to host a series called LaDette to Lady, which will teach young women how to act like ladies. Isn't that sort of like asking Tila Tequila to host a program based around how to keep your clothes on?

Cheer up, Tara Conner. You're about to make a comeback!


It is amazing how far "bad" behavior will get you these days. Of course she is soooooo repentant. Now she's going to show some young lassies in England how not to be Tara Conner. Of course as the old saying goes "it takes one to teach one". This wild child "may" have changed, but, I doubt it. For my money I'm still waiting to see her end up in Playboy - or, more likely, in porn! And, she certainly has the store bought assets to be there.


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