Stephanie Rice Makes Like Miley Cyrus

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Stephanie Rice may have been spotted making out with Michael Phelps at a party outside the Olympic Village earlier this week - but she's making like Miley Cyrus in the photo below!

A world champion herself - Rice holds the world record in the 200 and 400-meter individual medley - the Olympian is receiving more media attention than ever as a result of her make out session with Phelps.

But there's more to this Aussie than breasts strokes and tonsil hockey. She's emulating a controversial Cyrus pose in the shot below:

Stephanie Rice is vadgetastic!

Check out other pics of Stephanie Rice now. Click on the following thumbnails and let us know if you think Michael Phelps made the right choice...


geeez, ugly whats his name ! she is hot smart intelligent talented and everything else that contributes to an olympic champion. too good for a dumb yank.


he definately deserves better :)

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