Shelley Malil is an Alleged Attempted Murderer

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In the acting world, Shelley Malil is best known for uttering a few humorous The 40-Year Old Virgin quotes.

But there's nothing funny about the reason why Malil is now in the news.

The actor has been arrested on attempted murder charges, as authorities allege he stabbed his ex-girlfriend in her home near San Diego yesterday.

Shelley Malil was arrested for attempted murder. He allegedly stabbed Kendra Beebe over 20 times.

Neighbors told gossip site TMZ that Malil and Kendra Beebe were spotted going to the gym Sunday morning. Over the weekend, a neighbor saw the duo pack up the car with Beebe's two children, reportedly headed for a beach outing.

Adding to the horrible stabbing news iteself, the kids were present when their mother was attacked.

One neighbor said he saw Malil attack Beebe with a knife, while he also witnessed another man in the backyard, trying to stop the attack. The neighbor says that second man fled the scene, but returned to speak with police.

Beebe is reportedly in critical condition. She's expected to survive.

We'll have more on this grisly story as details come in.

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