Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus Put on a Happy Face

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This is no fun.

Instead of clawing at each other for the cameras, supposed rivals Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus simply smiled for photographers at last night's Teen Choice Awards.

Miley and Justin Strollin'

The former two Disney stars were rumored to be in a feud with the latter icon, as Cyrus is allegedly sick of Selena and Demi being compared to her by various celebrity gossip outlets. The nerve they have!

On this night, at least, public relations won out over petty jealousy. Darn.

Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus were smiling while cameras rolled. But as soon as the Teen Choice Awards ended, we assume they put on footy pajamas and engaged in a massive pillow fight.


do you like drew seeley ? p.s to selena


I agree with kassandra. Why? B coz' Miley is more popular than selena! And did you know guys: selena is a show off! -Demi lovato
-Your just ok!
------------------------------------No ofense!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Miley! u r d' best among those two!!! dont mind those freeks saying bad things to u. so pls. im kasandra leonor. super fan of urs. - selena forever suck!
-Demi ....... love you but i hate the part of the movie(camp rock)with joe jonas!


i like all of you guys especially selina gomez and miley cyrus i love demi loavato you rock . bye


i don't know why people always comparing them,
miley is miley,
selena is selena,
and demi is demi,
it not good to judge people when you don't even know them..
to me they all are great,
and that smile is not fake it real...
they all good friends...


hey listen up yall jb lovers sign a petition 2 get the jonas brothers on the simpsons!!! It would be a great opportunity 4 them n the fans who dont know them n if u think they ll make fun of them dont worry they wont go 2 www.the petition to sign up. Peace out!!!


miley i think u took those pictures 2 make nick come back 2 u dats low!! U think nick is a pervert or what?! But nice try though.


miley i m so glad dat nick dumped ur ass every1 knows ur n inmature skanky lil bitch u dont deserve nick n neither do u selena u 2 r evil lil witches from a fairy tale seriously i wish u 2 died n i wish u 2 read this i have no respect 4 u 2 f***ers


hey u people who like demi selena n miley we have disagreements but pliz dont send me hate mail i think every1 has da rite 2 express their opinions and dats wat blogs r about to express feelings n thoughts


i hate camp rock da most its not even real rock dammit!! Fall out boy is waaaay betta than jb im sorry jonas brothers i kno it hurts n dat comment is a big burn! For yall but its da truth like it or not yall r cute but cuteness is not as good as talent but yall still rock!

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