Samantha Ronson May Be Dating Lindsay Lohan

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We're just kidding. Of course Samantha Ronson is dating Lindsay Lohan.

But the 31-year old DJ wouldn't reveal the secrets of her relationship with the young actress to Harper's Bazaar.

Lohan and Ronson Get Cozy

"With the Internet the way it is, one second we're enemies, one second we're best friends, one second we're lovers, and then we're broken up," Ronson told the publication during a recent feature on her and her two siblings.

It sounds like Samantha Ronson hates celebrity gossip, but loves Lindsay Lohan.

Meanwhile, in an e-mail to the magazine, Lohan chimed in: "I love the Ronsons. They're close to my [heart] and I respect all the work they do... [but] Samantha and my relationship is a private matter."

We actually think the relationship between these two is the best thing to happen to Lindsay in ages. After all, it's been years since Lohan's vagina was actually private.


I am sick of people thinking being gay and bisexual is cool and rebelous it is sick and wrong. hey guess what I am "close minded" and "immature" now. Oh my :(


saMAN is a gross ugly thing!
leave LEZlo alone!!!!!!!!!!!


Samantha is hot, I can't get her out of my head, but I can't stand lohan, there is something about her I just don't like.
Anyway, I'm not really into girls but I would absolutely do Sam. there is just something about her.


Yes! Lindsay and Sam look hot together, and Lindsay needs the stability of a woman for her. Go public, Lindsay..

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