Report: Jennifer Aniston Hooking Up with Matt Felker

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Now that Jennifer Aniston's magical romance with John Mayer has come to an end, she's supposedly rebounding - with model Matt Felker!

Matt Felker used to date actress Selma Blair, and also appeared in Britney Spears' sexy music video for her hit single "Toxic."

Lonely Girl

Far from spending her days bumming around her sprawling LA mansion in a daze of self-pity, Jennifer Aniston is reportedly continuing on her soul-searching quest to feverishly screw away the internal strife find her life partner.

Basically, Matt Felker is the younger, edgier iteration of Paul Sculfor ...

Alleged new Jennifer Aniston boy toy Matt Felker.

In other news, the Chicago Sun-Times says in a new story (which is possibly written by Jennifer Aniston herself) gave John Mayer three chances to stop messing around, but he couldn't stop his swinging, tail-chasing ways.

It wasn't the other way around (him dumping her), as has been reported - Jen got sick of John cheating, even after allowing him a mulligan or two.

Apparently, John boned a cocktail waitress and a promoter's assistant for his tour. But strike three - with a groupie, reportedly - was just too much.


I read in a magazine that they are getting married. I dont think it is true though.


She will find the one. But not if she doesn't date. You are attracted to who you are attracted to. You have to admit, besides Vince Vaughn, all of her men are super hot. This one may be the hottest yet.
Just because she dates someone, doesn't mean she wants to marry him either.
Should she sit home alone until she finds the one? Nope, keep on dating Jen, keep on,


I never saw John and Jen lasting very long anyways. The boy is such a manwhore!! Jen definitely deserves someone better. But she kinda sets herself up for heartbreak dating these "God's gift to women" type guys that can't keep their hands to themselves. I really hope she ends up finding what she's looking for.

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