Perez Hilton is an Absolute Genius

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Earlier today, The Hollywood Gossip staff had the temerity to refer to Perez Hilton as "uncreative and unfunny."

In response, defenders of the blogger have pointed to jealousy as the obvious reason why we'd call Hilton out. One of his fans said we were meaner than Perez. We wonder if this same individual also thinks John McCain is running a better campaign than Barack Obama.

To back up our claim that Perez Hilton is an unoriginal (mean-spirited!) hack, let's take a post from his site today. It refers to the ongoing romance between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

Hilton - the photoshopping, hilarious genius that he is - has written the word "Dykons" across the top of a photo. Does a Perez apologist care to tell us what makes that kind-hearted and humorous?

We don't question Perez Hilton's popularity; we question the quality of the posts made by this self-serving blogger.

Moreover, every time Perez Hilton mentions Samantha Ronson, he spells her first name "SaMAN." Get it, readers?!? Because, see, she's gay and she looks like a man. It sure takes a lot of effort to think of that.

Perhaps when Perez comes up with an extensive celebrity photo gallery - complete with a ratings system! - his readers can accuse our staff of slacking off.


i recently stopped going to his site for precisely this reason. after he insinuated that Bernie Mac's hospitalization for pneumonia was really just for a drug habit, i had had enough. he really is mean spirited. especially his miley cyrus posts. when you give off the impression that you hate someone (which i think he does) it's really hard for it to be funny. when i want my rude comments that make me laugh i go somewhere else.


Thank you for saying what everyone else is thinking about hack perez


omg are you kidding.
u wish u had as many hits as perez hilton.
i used to go on ur site
but after this..
im sticking to
and u use his site for info ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
u idiot.
u wish u were as good as him
he uses wat his readers think is funny.
and thats why he is the most popular.
u never hear celebs reffering to hollywood gossip


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