Perez Hilton is an Absolute Genius

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Earlier today, The Hollywood Gossip staff had the temerity to refer to Perez Hilton as "uncreative and unfunny."

In response, defenders of the blogger have pointed to jealousy as the obvious reason why we'd call Hilton out. One of his fans said we were meaner than Perez. We wonder if this same individual also thinks John McCain is running a better campaign than Barack Obama.

To back up our claim that Perez Hilton is an unoriginal (mean-spirited!) hack, let's take a post from his site today. It refers to the ongoing romance between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.

Hilton - the photoshopping, hilarious genius that he is - has written the word "Dykons" across the top of a photo. Does a Perez apologist care to tell us what makes that kind-hearted and humorous?

We don't question Perez Hilton's popularity; we question the quality of the posts made by this self-serving blogger.

Moreover, every time Perez Hilton mentions Samantha Ronson, he spells her first name "SaMAN." Get it, readers?!? Because, see, she's gay and she looks like a man. It sure takes a lot of effort to think of that.

Perhaps when Perez comes up with an extensive celebrity photo gallery - complete with a ratings system! - his readers can accuse our staff of slacking off.


I'm sorry but calling perez hilton unoriginal? Have you read your own site? some posts are word for word taken from TMZ! And if you're so loathing towards how perez is mean spirited, then why are you sinking to his level to call him a hack and what have you? shouldn't you rise above and be the better person? I hate to quote the bible or jesus or anything religious but, let he without sin cast the first stone.


you can tell who the diehard PH readers are b/c you can't disagree with them w/o being called a variety of names that have nothing to do with the argument. and just for the record of those ~80 comments/post, 15 are claiming that they're first, 35-40 actually address the topic at hand, and the other 45-50 disagree while referring to PH in some derogatory manner about his sexuality and/or weight, or post comments about how he's behind on the topic.
i really respect the quality of his reasearch, too. for instance when fidel castro died. oh that's right, he's still alive. if you think drawing penises on everyone's face is creative then i'll just say we have divergent opinions on creativity.


His page is cleaner and more profesional. and there are updates every thirty minutes or so. This page is amatuer


perez steals all his info from other sites, who steal it from ohnotheydidnt on livejournal. usually one site breaks the news, then it ends up on ontd, then everyone else steals it. perez's internalized homophobia is horrible. self loathing = tres chic this isn't the best site either but it's way better than perez.


Oh my god i HATE perez. he is such an idiot. TMG is miles better than him. He thinks he is God and everyone should worship him. Well I for one dont. I used to vist his site everyday and then he just got so annoying. He thinks he is so funny but he really isnt. He is just plain mean. A gay man in his position should be making the most out of a positive gay relationship but he just ridicules Lynsday and Sam. He is such a hypocrite.
As for you people who say you hate this site and its behind everything and all the other stuff you dumb asses are saying, then why the hell are you on the site never mind posting a comment. Your all just as bad as he is and just as hypocritical as him. I for one love this site and always will.


Thank you for saying this! Perez is a hack with some serious issues with internalized homophobia. Very sad.


you can tell what type of people use the perez hilton site aka kay kay. mean people who get joy out of ridiculing others, why is it funny to be nasty ? huh? i dont get it. get a real sense of humour! even more so, get a brain so then you can have a sense of humour, perez hilton is disgusting, i stopped going to his site a long time ago, when i was reading his posts i was shocked at how nasty he was, what happened to looking up to icons and brilliant actors etc and just wanted to see what they get up too in real life, hes jmaking everything into a joke, he is what the world is coming too which is sad and scary, hes ruined what a celebrity is about, an idol if you will. im just happy there is hollywood gossip, a nice site.


i just have one question: If you hate THG and LOVE perez, why the hell are you even on our msg boards, let alone on this website?


@kaykay He's gay, so that makes it okay? NO. That makes it even worse. He's a self-loathing gay man who supposedly supports gay rights, yet hates on positive portrayals of gay couples CONSTANTLY. It's pretty disgusting, actually.


Okay.....STOP telling your staff to post comments. Thats Lame!!

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