Perez Hilton: A Hilarious Penis Artist

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Earlier this week, we asked readers what they find so funny or unique about Perez Hilton.

We were inspired to see that a majority of respondents agreed with our assessment that this celebrity blogger may receive a number of hits to his website - but his posts are uncreative and mean-spirited.

Need further proof? Take a look at the story he probably spent a full 3.7 seconds on last night, one that refers to Rumer Wills as "fug" and tells her to "shave down that chin."

He then drew a penis on a picture of the actress. Now that's an example of humorous ingenuity!

On this photo of Rumer Wills at a screening of Pineapple Express, Perez Hilton catered to the lowest common denomintaor, drawing a penis across her body in an attempt to make nine-year olds laugh.


I think you all should just stick to gossip. Gossip is not to pick on celebs, its to exploit them.


ALL gossip websites have their favorite celebs to make fun of...and that why we like reading these sites! It's all in fun. I just don't understand why you can't stop talking about Perez Hilton. You REALLY should stick to your Marissa Miller & The Hills posts and not worry so much about what he posts...


Ha further evidence to the dumbass that he is. What gives him the right to tell someone who is actually gorgeous to get surgery on their chin. For gods sake hes a jackass.


and you refering to Lindsay Lohan as dirty isn't mean spirited or unoriginal either...rrrriiiggghhhttt...

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