Obsessive Jessica Simpson Laughs at Carrie Underwood

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Of all the classic and ridiculous Jessica Simpson quotes over the past 10 years, this one - about her boyfriend Tony Romo still calling his ex Carrie Underwood on occasion, which the latter has claimed - may be the best.

"I looked at his call log," she said Wednesday, denying that Romo's been calling Underwood in an interview with a Nashville radio station.

NOTE TO JESSICA: You can actually erase your call log. And doesn't the fact that you feel you have to look at it tell you something?

Of Tony Romo, Carrie Underwood said in September's Allure: "The phone will ring and it'll be him, and I'll maybe not answer."

Jessica Simpson's response:

"Tony and I both laughed at that. We got a chuckle out of it."

What do you think: Is that playoff choke artist Romo still calling Underwood - and whose side are you on, Team Jessica or Team Carrie?


This interview was completed a number of months ago. At that time he could have been calling. Jessica needs to calm down and use login when she makes comments.


why is carrie wrong. tony and carrie were friends carrie has said before they were never serious...so what if a guy said he'd called romo would this be a big deal, com on people girls and guys have friends and it's girls like jessica you know the insecure jealous psyhco type that cant handle it...i'm tired of people blaming carrie for saying something that isnt bad they were friends big deal.
jessica get over it she is so stupid she makes me want to puke


I agree with Team Jessica! Although I overall like and respect Carrie Underwood more than Jessica Simpson, I think that it is really childish and catty to say something that could possibly humiliate/hurt someone in a national magazine where millions of people can now know all of your personal business. Even if he did call her, Carrie gains absolutely nothing from airing that out for the public except for looking like a girl who still isn't over her ex boyfriend!!!


Carrie Underwood is an idiot. Why she would feel the need to state that Tony is calling her whether it was 5 days ago or months ago is beyond me. That's when you know when someone is really over it or not. I would laugh to, if I were Jessica & Tony. As for the first response on this post, how can Jessica be starting all the drama if Carrie is the one who said this in a magazine while Jessica & Tony were together? Jessica is way better, Carrie Underwood wears way TOO much make up, she looks like hideous!


haha you all guys sound sooooooo haterz....


Tony why are you dating this idiot. You were the golden boy of the Cowboys. Now you are the laughing stock. Youv'e gone completely downhill as a person since November when you hooked up with Romessica. You made a huge mistake letting Carrie get away last June so you could "focus on football" and then two wks later you are taking Crystal out. The grass is not always greener on the other side. You start chatting Carrie up again this past Fall when Crystal went back to school and then you head of with Romessica. You are as big of an idiot as she is. And then you have the nerve to try and hook up with Carrie again in May when you and Jessica are split. Ha Ha You didnt actually think she would want your playa a*ss. Im glad she rejected you. You need to learn how to treat women. So now you are stuck with Romessica who has ruined you. You could do better by dumping her and remaining single.


I think Jessica is a loser. Too bad Tony Romo picked the bad seed. he should have stuck with Carrie Underwood. Jessica simpson has no talent, and no brain. Who wants to be with an idiot? Its kinda sad that Jessica admited to checking his call log as well.. that tells you something there.. she is insecure and knows Carrie is a big threat. Oh well..Celeb relationships never last long anyways... soon Tony will be moving on to the next bimbo.


does jessica know that carrie said this back in May? clearly jessica is the only one starting any drama now Carrie said that way back then so its over and done with. Its sad that everybody thinks carrie is the bad one here. Carrie has a kind heart and she is deff not classes. I liked Jessica as a pop singer alittle but Carrie is the queen of country and there will be no change is that for years to come.
i wish jessica the best of luck with her career but it won't exceed carries at all. Carrie is the whole packaged. Carrie isn't the one talking about things from way back then instead she is singing her heart out each night on stage in front of tons of people and taking her career up even more. Thats why she is the best, she is all about singing and country not drama and gossip but her love of country and her fans. God Bless you Carrie.

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