Nick Jonas Fuels Selena Gomez Dating Rumors

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Nick Jonas is known as a great dancer.

As such, the adorable singer did the best he could to dance around questions from Ryan Seacrest yesterday regarding Nick's supposed relationship with Selena Gomez.

Selena Smooch

"She's an amazing girl... anybody would be lucky to be dating her," Jonas said on Seacrest's radio show in response to whether or not Selena was his girlfriend. "I think she is a part of our music video, and that is why all the rumors started. But yeah, she's a cool girl."

Are the hearts behind Nick Jonas meant for Selena Gomez?

That answer didn't satisfy the American Idol host. He pressed on.

"Do you know when her birthday is?" Seacrest asked.

"I do when her birthday is," Nick replied.

"Dating!" Seacrest said. "What guy knows that, except the boyfriend!"

Hmmm, if that's the case, looks like The Hollywood Gossip staff is also Gomez's boyfriend.


I love both of them. Any girl would actually be lucky to see him. So, for Selena to date Nick, I think is awesome. I'm fans of both. GO JB!! =]] I LOVE YOU SELENA!


I don't know if they would make a cute couple or not. I'm just thinking why he didn't say it out loud if they were dating or not. 'Cause that just makes it feel as if they're dating in which now I think they are now. Well, rumors are rumors. It may not be real.


I guess we all are secretly dating a celeb bacause some of us know b-days of celeb(s). lol. Whoa that had to be an awkward moment for Nick. :D


i think that selena and nick dont make a cute couple miley and nick do


umm i think they are going out because i was watching either e! news or top daily 10 (something like that) and it said that in an interview selena said one time she went on a date with a guy and she was like i don't kiss on the first date and he was like i don't play by the rules then nick was in an interview taliking about dating and he said he was on a date with a girl and she was like i don't kiss on the first date and he was like i don't play by the rules so the just outted each other hilarious but they are a cute couple!


If they weren't dating, he would have said that straight up. Maybe, like Miley and him had hidden their secret for a while.. he and Selena are keeping their relationship a secret for a while too! Celebrities, especially young stars like them don't need too much publicity in their lives.


I THINK THEY kinda make a nice would be cool if selena and nick were boyfriend and girlfriend...


if it is true then i am so sad ive always had dreams of being on one date with nick and well thats a dream thats ready to fade but i don't want it to. Nick if you ever have time for a girl like me i would love to meet you but your concerts are so far away. Keep writing thos sogns that make my eyes sparkle luv you nick luv ya joe and luv ya kevin u guys rock p.s. im not just another love struck different lol in a good way


Seacrest ur so full of it. you have to believe to guy. i'm a huge fan of the jonas brothers. i'm not dating anyone of them, and i know all 3 of their birthdays by heart. so i believe you nick. not sure if i believe selena but i do believe nick. Nick you rock my world. Keep writing those amazing songs that rock this world.

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