Leryn Franco is a Nude, Javelin Throwing Model

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Move over, Michael Phelps.

Take a seat, Laure Manaudou.

There's a new face - and body - of the Beijing Olympics.

Paraguayan javelin thrower Leryn Franco competed at the Games in 2004 and 2008. In between, she supported her athletic goals by posing as a model and finishing second in the 2006 Miss Paraguay pageant.

Unfortunately, those dreams died this week, as Franco finished second to last in her event. The good news for Leryn, however, is that the modeling shots that have been released have established a new, growing fan base for the beauty.

Take a look at one now and you'll quickly become a Leryn Franco supporter:

The future on the javelin field may be unclear for Leryn Franco, but her future on the dirty minds of millions of men is strong and bright. That's gotta be some comfort to her.

Click on the following images of the athlete now...


My dear god!!! That is how I know there is a higher power. Like the sun, it's to beautiful, above bad and light years ahead. Way beyond any known realm or captured by any words or by any thing dreamed by man.


After ur body construction god has forgetten his mastery in beauti. . . OH GOD! Perhaps i wish u have made someone for me like leryn franco. Who can floris her love on me.


Hello darling (leryn franco) what a nice body you got, keep it up baby, you'r a STAR (please call me if you can, i'll like to hear your vioce -Ghanian line 0542356448 and Nigeria line 08037646076.
Thank's kaycee.


No offense, but Michael Phelps isn't that hot... he's just ok in my opinion, but this girl is Hot. I'm a girl & all, but I can admit that she's hot (I'm sure anyone can).


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