Lauren Conrad is Not Going to Like This

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The horse-faced, duck-lipped Heidi Montag is looking rough in the picture below. Seriously, Spencer Pratt's "fiancee" is frickin' disgusting.

Not as bad as she'll look after Lauren Conrad rearranges her face, however.

True Romance

Heidi chillin' with LC's estranged roommate, Audrina Patridge? You can bet that this won't go over well. We're just waiting for the fallout.

Heidi Montag and Audrina Patridge set a new record for number of fake boobs in one location. Well, except for the Playboy mansion. Or all of SoCal. Forget it.


CONTROL FREAK, SPOILED BRAT, DESPERATE, and taking Brody when Jen obviously had an eye for Brody first. Look at previous episode. Plus, why coultn't LC be the bigger person and forgave Heidi, they've been through so much! LC cannot forgive and its all her fault! Why make a tape--who the worse person, the one making the tape or plastic surgery??? haha! LC is so desperate for guys, why is she going to run after Stephen again when all she was was a rebound from kristin. LC will never hold a guy down! she goes for anyone and everyone! LC is so not cute---she has to try to be cute...LC, have some self respect! Lo is the same way...that's why they're perfect for each other and deserve each other.


I agree with judith, and leonie, i did not say i condone someone having plastic surgery thank you very much, i said its made her look worse when she was a beauty in the first place, but you lot cant help slagging someone off and making them feel bad for themselves and she maybe thought she had to have it to look better with everyone comparing them, its not fair, and i never said she did nothing but lauren did not do nothing did she?? she has to control everyone around her and she always spoke down to her, see the episode when she put the phone down on heidi when heidi got her dream job? ooh yes lauren your so funny and great, putting the phone down on your best friend when shes so happy to have gotten her dream job, haha hilarious eh. and to whoever said it, i did not say lauren was a sl*t for dating men, but thats all she does, she does get around, she cant hold a guy down, why is that? BECAUSE SHES A CONTROL FREAK!!!!!!!!!


They would be nobody's without Her!!!!!


Leonie, Leonie LEONIE're stupid and you dont make any should see a neurosurgeon. Hayley does have a point. One day when Lo goes against what LC says, LC will find herself so alone. LC is a CONTROL FREAK, a Miss know it all, a i'm just trying to be a friend but you better not hang out with people i dont like or else...or whatever, LC is trying too hard, she looks desperate!!!!! You probably worship Lauren like Lo does too huh. are followers...haha!


HAHA! I so want to see Lauren have a cow on this one! LC is such a brat always trying to run everything and everyone's lives! One day it's all going to come back and bite her big time. She's a devil incognito. All you people think LC is popular and so you just follow! Well guess what, Audrina and Heidi are no longer followers and that is where LC comes in and get angry because she realizes she lost control. LC IS A CONTROL FREAK!


Hayley, Hayley, Hayley, what planet do you live on and what show have you actually been watching??? You think Heidi never did anything to deserve this, you condone someone who is already attractive enough getting surgery, you think Lauren is a skank for dating men?? I think maybe you need to see a doctor, a brain doctor!


Usually people looking on the outside from in know what the real problem is going on with the HILLS stars. You may call Heidi a hoe, and Audrina a trator.. but the end result is that Spencer is an old fashioned player / munipulator and brainwashed Heidi into leaving LC in the dirt for "love". && Audrina was left to chose bettween two good friends of hers. The person she was left to live with in Hillside villas, or someone who left one of their best friends for a dick.


Heidi has beautiful blonde hair, better to use to jack off on her face with. What else is the skank good for? Lauren is much better the person.


How the hell did Lauren "destroy everything for Heidi"????? Spencer did a good job of THAT..........


Oh, and PS- Do you happen to know how many people die, or are severely scarred for life from having plastic surgery?! And you're actually worshipping some skank who said she wouldn't ever get plastic surgery, and now can't stay away from the plastic surgeons for one week. Come on!! Beauty is in the natural flaws, doctors think they can play God to make you look perfect. While making girls kill themselves to look like Barbie dolls!! It's disgusting, and she's just another skank that tries to make it ok!! Wow, what a GREAT role model!!

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