Kelli Dawson Describes Casey Aldridge Railing

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We were just thinking it had been far too long without ridiculous Jamie Lynn Spears gossip when - voila - InTouch Weekly came through!

According to that celebrity gossip tabloid, her fiance and baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, is cheating on her - and has been for some time.

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Rumors of Casey’s infidelity are hardly new, but now Kelli Dawson, 28, is talking about her alleged trysts with Jamie Lynn Spars' man.

Dawson says she met Casey, now 19 and the father of celebrity baby Maddie Briann Aldridge, in November 2006 at her sister's house.

At the time, Casey Aldridge was already dating Jamie Lynn Spears, but Kelli Dawson says that "didn’t stop their sexual chemistry."

"We were both really attracted to each other. He totally instigated it and pursued me," Kelli supposedly recanted to InTouch. "His friends would tell me that he liked me, and that he thought I was pretty."

Kelli Dawson claims at first, they saw each other a few times and “kissed randomly.” Then things got “hot and heavy” later on, in 2007.

As for whether Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears were dating then, she says: "You never knew, because it changed from day to day!"

Of the first time she had sex with Casey, Kelli Dawson said:

"It happened very casually. He came by the house and I went off with him in his car and we had sex. Sometimes, we would go to his house or we would fool around in his truck, just driving around and then parking."

Dawson then told a great story of how Casey was supposed to join Jamie Lynn Spears on a trip to Los Angeles in July of last year, but, well ...

“One morning, he called and asked me to meet him in town," Dawson recalled. "I said, 'You're supposed to be on a flight right now,' and Casey said, 'I'm not going.' He called Jamie Lynn and told her that she would have to go by herself. She was irate. I think she knew he was staying because of me."

Kelli Dawson and Casey Aldridge were even sleeping together, according to her, when Jamie Lynn announced she was pregnant in December 2007!

They stopped boinking a few months later.

According to Dawson, the last time she slept with Aldridge was in March but "even after we stopped having sex, we would still kiss occasionally."

Even Britney Spears’ ex-husband - the first one, Jason Alexander, who must be on InTouch's speed dial - is commenting on Kelli Dawson.

“Kelli and Casey have been a couple on and off for a few years," Britney's spouse for 55 glorious hours reports. "They were a really tight couple, but I think it was hard for Kelli, having Jamie Lynn in the picture.”


wtf?? how can he cheat on her lyk dat?
hating that kelli dawson lyk hell.


ok, someone didn't state above.
anyway, you get the gist!


of course she did it for the money.
she got $250,000 to show the world what a slut she is.
[or so the word is around town]
i am from liberty where she and casey are from.
well, i think he is from gloster but he went to
school in liberty?
anyway. her reputation is nothing to brag
about as it is.
and now this?
she is a 28 year old woman! what
is she doing with a teenager?
and she claimed to stop the sex once it got
closer to having the baby
cause it didn't feel right?
of course not!
like someone stated above, this country
has no morals.
step back and take a look at
what we are willing to do to ourselves,
how we are willing to portray ourselves
for temporary satisfaction.
it's sickening..


Quit sleeping with him Jamie!
Who knows what STD's He picked up!!


you can ask anyone in liberty or surrounding areas that the dawson girls have made thier mark on the map. these have got to be the trashiest girls ive ever met.. she even hooks up with britneys ex husband jason. she has a thing for young underage boys that are already in relationships. this girl is a homewrecker. if she isnt white trash i dont know anyone that is. GET HER THE HELL OUT OF LIBERTY before the towns contaminated with only God knows what she has.


I like her skankiness. I think she is wonderful!


what a sl*t, she sounds mature, a 17 year old has just had that mans baby, yes that is young but she has no right to make jamie feel embarrased and hurt and probably on her own, jamie is a million times prettier than her, what was casey thinking, if its true. oh my god what a who*e.


This is so sad! i feel bad for jamie :( what kind of a woman is this??! selling her story to the world so everyone can know she's a slut? ...she's 28!! what was she thinking?!


So, as a truly classy 28 year old, she started having sex with him 2-3 years ago when he was 17? Is this legal in Mississippi? By looks, she is one step up from a truck stop hooker (I am being generous). In Touch probably combed the streets of this town looking for the most desperate chick to exploit for 50 bucks.


TYPO - "out her alleged trysts with Jamie Lynn Spars' man." But, yer.. that totally sucks!

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