Kelli Dawson Describes Casey Aldridge Railing

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We were just thinking it had been far too long without ridiculous Jamie Lynn Spears gossip when - voila - InTouch Weekly came through!

According to that celebrity gossip tabloid, her fiance and baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, is cheating on her - and has been for some time.

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Rumors of Casey’s infidelity are hardly new, but now Kelli Dawson, 28, is talking about her alleged trysts with Jamie Lynn Spars' man.

Dawson says she met Casey, now 19 and the father of celebrity baby Maddie Briann Aldridge, in November 2006 at her sister's house.

At the time, Casey Aldridge was already dating Jamie Lynn Spears, but Kelli Dawson says that "didn’t stop their sexual chemistry."

"We were both really attracted to each other. He totally instigated it and pursued me," Kelli supposedly recanted to InTouch. "His friends would tell me that he liked me, and that he thought I was pretty."

Kelli Dawson claims at first, they saw each other a few times and “kissed randomly.” Then things got “hot and heavy” later on, in 2007.

As for whether Casey Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears were dating then, she says: "You never knew, because it changed from day to day!"

Of the first time she had sex with Casey, Kelli Dawson said:

"It happened very casually. He came by the house and I went off with him in his car and we had sex. Sometimes, we would go to his house or we would fool around in his truck, just driving around and then parking."

Dawson then told a great story of how Casey was supposed to join Jamie Lynn Spears on a trip to Los Angeles in July of last year, but, well ...

“One morning, he called and asked me to meet him in town," Dawson recalled. "I said, 'You're supposed to be on a flight right now,' and Casey said, 'I'm not going.' He called Jamie Lynn and told her that she would have to go by herself. She was irate. I think she knew he was staying because of me."

Kelli Dawson and Casey Aldridge were even sleeping together, according to her, when Jamie Lynn announced she was pregnant in December 2007!

They stopped boinking a few months later.

According to Dawson, the last time she slept with Aldridge was in March but "even after we stopped having sex, we would still kiss occasionally."

Even Britney Spears’ ex-husband - the first one, Jason Alexander, who must be on InTouch's speed dial - is commenting on Kelli Dawson.

“Kelli and Casey have been a couple on and off for a few years," Britney's spouse for 55 glorious hours reports. "They were a really tight couple, but I think it was hard for Kelli, having Jamie Lynn in the picture.”


That B!tCh Looks so Old and used.... She wants attention I can tell, she is a little smart about the way she can get media's interest poor B!tCh her P!-!ssy smell rotten roast beef...


Ok, this is the most ridiculous thing I have every heard! First of all, this girl is obviously just seeking fame, and now that she has gotten her fifteen minutes, nobody will remember her!!! Jamie Lynn has so much more class then this dumb girl. I mean, come on. Using Casey Aldrige to find fame? And...BTW the white dress she is wearing is from American Eagle and came out in like 2003. I would think someone would get some up-to-date clothes before going on a photo shoot where they think they are going to get their big break! hahaha, she is such a loser! Definition of white trash=Kelli who?????


Andrea Revels said according to national enquirer that Kelli got pregnant...


U kno this is really sad on his and her part. Because when its all over there he'll be without anything, i would take everything he had from him and make his life a livin hell. Jamie I feel bad for u girl but things will come in your favor soon. I kno u probably love him because he's your babys daddy but hell get his one day and she will 2 that nasty used up whore. Take care of yourself and just take care of your daughter. And 2 Casey and Dawson it will scome back on you 10 fold.


The sad thing is ya'll... This is just the kind of thing that Kelli gets off on. She thinks its funny that every one is calling her a whore. Because she is a whore, she knows she a whore, and she is ok with it. So are Kristy and Kim her trashy ass sisters. They can't help it, they are trash and have been their whole lives, they grew up with nothing. So anything they can do to give them attention, they do it. And she is so stupid that she thinks this makes her important because now everyone is talking about her. She has no morals, she snorts cocaine and various other things, so why wouldn't she sleep with little kids....????


This article does not surprise me at all!!! More Amite County gossip and drama!!! Stir it up, Kelli...great way to put yourself out there...REAL CLASSY! Some things never change, huh?
Jamie Lynn, if by chance you read any of this...I hate you have to be exposed to a simple minded small town girl who loves to put herself out there to receive self gratification! Word of Wisdom: The gossip never goes away...reside somewhere else than LIBERTY, MS!


This chick or s*ut should be put in jail.What the hell was you thinking dumb ass home wrecking bimbo?Don't you have any morels or pride.How in the hell can you say this crap in a magazine and to talk about sex like it was nothing.You did this on propose!!!To get money!!Guess what Missy your day is coming and coming soon, so be prepared.You really need to seek help of a doctor,I mean 2 doctors!!


FUGLY WHORE! Hahahahaha, hopes she gets shunned. SHUNNED!!!!!


f**k yall and your crazy sh*t!!! casey aldridge is a cool guy don't have anything really bad to say about him...i don't know kelli very well but from what i have heard and the guy i date tells me that she is a slut but she is a pretty cool chick to hang around and i believe she is telling the truth about casey...i have seen them together before in liberty...besides this past weekend casey was bar hoping around without jamie lynn and he was not alone...and there is nothing wrong with liberty, Gillsburg, or St. Helena Parish either....

@ casey&becky

@casey&becky Yes this is years late but I stumbled upon this article and was reading the comments. When I read your comment I had to respond. See I come from a small town in the south too, therefor I understand how gossip gets started. the thing is that I don't sit back and say sure it's fine if such and such girl is a home wrecker because she's cool to hang out with. If what you say is true then Jamie Lynn deserved so much better than a guy that cheats on her. Also what kind of girl brags about sleeping with a guy that's about to have a baby? If you think that's ok then I think it says a lot about your small say there's nothing wrong with all these places but then make the places look bad because they have people like you living there that defend this kind of behavior.Either way whether he did it or not he didn't end up with her money. She's got a new guy now and from the sounds of it he's way more mature and financially set than Casey was. In the end she came out better off. I think Casey messed up big time because he's never gonna find someone as pretty and as rich as JLS ... And no one even remembers this Dawson girl outside of her small town.. Lol


Yes, everyone in Liberty, MS and the surrounding areas know the Dawson sisters and their slutty drug using activities. They are very much hated by everyone because they have always stirred up drama. This takes the cake, however. Kelli must have gotten sick of being a loser with no direction in life, so she decided to ruin someone else's while she could. Way to go ho!

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