John Edwards Cronies Under Increasing Scrutiny

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John Edwards' former finance chairman is emerging as the point man in the plan to conceal his affair with Rielle Hunter, according to reports.

Fred Baron, a high-profile Dallas lawyer, has strong ties to the attorneys now representing Edwards' infamous mistress, as well as to Andrew Young, the former candidate's campaign aide who claims he fathered her baby.

Rielle Hunter's New York lawyer, Robert Gordon, was unsuccessfully sued on a racketeering complaint along with Fred Baron and his law firm in 2001.

Andrew Young's Washington lawyer, Pamela Marple, defended them.

Fred Baron (above, left) has acknowledged personally giving Rielle Hunter (above, right) and Young - who actually lived together along with Young's wife in the same house at one point - money to get out of North Carolina.

The Edwards campaign hired Hunter, despite limited experience, to produce a series of short videos about the Democratic presidential candidate.

Edwards (seen with Andrew Young, below), in part with donations from Baron's wife, reportedly paid Hunter an additional $14,000 from his political action committee for 100 hours of unused footage shot for the videos.

That came in addition to more than $100,000 paid to Rielle Hunter for the "Webisodes," which were ultimately yanked from Edwards' site.

John Edwards with Andrew Young, his former campaign aide who says he fathered the child of Rielle Hunter. But what do Young and Fred Baron really know?


Andrew Young the admitted father of the John Edwards story: The arrests for worthless checks, DWI, burglary, criminal mischief, the federal tax lien


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